Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Millers Flat

A guest post by reader Wendy Riding. You can read more from her at Artsy Chaos: 

Tucked up Fairview Canyon just over the Emery County line is Millers Flat Reservoir and camping area. A leisurely 2 hour drive will result in a feel and views that are worlds beyond the city. Wide open ranges bordered by towering pine trees and quaking aspens framing clear blue skies are definitely a feast for the eyes. If you’re into camping, fishing, 4-wheeling or hiking, this is a family paradise.

Millers Flat has organized campgrounds as well as open spaces in which you can set up camp as well. The Reservoir is a small man-made body of water that boasts primarily rainbow trout fishing and although boating is possible, you will mostly only see small fishing boats, rafts, and the like. Millers Flat Reservoir is a perfect fishing spot to take the kids. This is also a perfect area to see wildlife. Deer and elk are regularly seen during the summer months. You will also have a good chance to see badgers (stay far away though as they are mean!), racoon, wolves, skunk, porcupine, a huge variety of birds and of course the regular squirrels, chipmunks and potguts. If you’re not from Utah, a potgut is a Uinta ground squirrel and they are everywhere around here in more rural areas. They are actually kind of sweet little creatures to watch. Potguts are only found in parts of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

Close by Millers Flat is Huntington Reservoir which is larger than the Reservoir at Millers Flat. This shouldn’t be confused with Huntington Lake and State Park which is just outside of Huntington, Utah and a very beautiful place as well! Here you will also find places to stop and picnic and/or camp. Huntington Reservoir is a popular place for local scouts to go fishing for tiger trout and brown trout. Huntington Reservoir is also known as Mammoth Reservoir because while the dam was being excavated, the fossilized remains of a Wooly Mammoth were found.

To get to the Millers Flat recreation area, travel U-31 between Fairview and Huntington. A gravel road is right after Huntington Reservoir and is the turn-off point from U-31. The road is well marked with a brown sign. Huntington Reservoir is approximately 14 miles east of Fairview.

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