Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Salt Lake City Cemetery: Utah's Hidden Jewel

Located in the historic avenues district between "N" and "U" streets, and Fourth Avenue and Wasatch Blvd, the Salt Lake City Cemetery has over 116,000 burial spots, and covers over 250 acres. The current sexton of the cemetery, Mark Smith, says "I think our cemetery is one of the hidden jewels of Salt Lake City and get excited when individuals take an interest in it. I think it is an amazing place!" I completely agree, and know that you will too upon discovering and learning more about this "hidden jewel"!

Visit the links below, and stay tuned for more information to be added as I do more and more research. This is a "project in progress", so check back often for more information!

As my friend commented: "Wow, there is so much history here! You could write only about the Salt Lake City Cemetery for the rest of your life and still have more to write about!" There is so much to see at this "hidden jewel", I hope you will enjoy learning about it as much as I have! Learn how to research your own family history at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Salt Lake City Cemetery Self-Guided Tour
Use the documents and maps found in this article to enjoy a self-guided tour of the cemetery.
    A huge thanks to Mark Smith, current sexton of the Salt Lake City Cemetery, for all of his help collecting this information!


    1. Great article Michelle! I'm just starting to research my family history and this is a wonderful resource!

      1. Kelly, I LOVE Family History! Let me know if you need any help! :) Definitely go to www.familysearch.org !


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