Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tabiona / Defa's Dude Ranch

A guest post from reader Jessi:

Tabiona is a very small town located in Duchesne County Utah. Settled in 1860, it was named after a Ute Indian Chief, Chief Tabby-To-Kwanah.  My family has property on the mountain in Tabiona. On that property there are two trailers and a manufactured home. That is where we go camping a lot. Our property is just outside of Tabby Springs. In Tabby Springs I have relatives that own two cabins. Tabiona is our home away from home. A very small town, Tabiona had a population of 171 in July 2009. Because of the small population all students from Kindergarten through 12th grade are in the same school building. They have basketball teams for boys and girls and their mascot is a tiger. The school colors are purple and white (and there is a purple and white playground my kids love to visit at the school).

We went to the Tabiona rodeo this past July and it was really really neat. In my opinion better than other rodeos that I have been to because we were able to get closer and see everything better. The people at the rodeo were so so polite! After the rodeo was finished there were lots of fireworks, and it was fun for the kids to see. There is one store in Tabiona called The Sage brush Inn. Tabiona is near The Duchesne river where we like to go to fish in the evenings. We cross the river to get to our property. 

Tabby is a great place to look at wild life. I have seen a baby moose, lots of deer, and a few elk in the past year. We have also seen countless rabbits and chipmunks.

To get there from Salt Lake you just take I-80 East. Turn South on I-40.Take the Kamas and Park City exit. Head East towards Kamas.Follow SR 32 to Kamas.Turn right on Main Street in Kamas. This will take you through Francis and Woodland (don't blink or you will miss it for sure). Turn left at 4 way stop light to State Road 35. Follow SR 35 over Wolf Pass. Keep following this until you pass the small town of Hanna. Just the other side of Hanna is Tabiona. This road is not passable in winter. In winter it will take longer because you have to go through Heber and Duchesne city. Hanna is just down the road from Tabiona where there is another little general store and cafe. Just on the other side of Hanna is a road that leads to Defa's Dude Ranch. It is owned by some of my aunt's relatives. It is a very well hidden gathering place. There are cabins, RV pads, a little cafe. It is a perfect place for family reunions or getaways. The cabins were all hand built by the founder and his son, as was The Cafe. They offer either a single or double cabins with wood stoves, electrical outlets, and overhead lighting. There are hiking trails and lots of fishing. Defa's dude ranch also offers horseback riding for the whole family. There is also a saloon where you can dance. 

We love Tabiona for our family getaways!

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  1. We had a family reunion in Tabiona once. That's such a great little place to go! So quiet and beautiful...the whole family loved it.


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