Tuesday, August 02, 2011

WOODLAND: Spending Pioneer Day In A Pioneer Town

What better way to spend Pioneer Day than in a Pioneer town?! We had a wonderful day of hiking, site seeing, and learning a little bit of history in Woodland and Kamas.

Grandpa's childhood home

Woodland is located in Summit County just East of Park City and Heber, and next to Kamas and Oakley. Woodland was founded July 24th, 1881. I was especially excited to see that we were spending Pioneer Day in a town founded on a Pioneer Day!

Grandpa's childhood home
I have a special fondness for this little town because my relatives (Gines) were one of the first families to settle Woodland. My grandpa was born and raised in a house in Woodland that is still standing, but no longer liveable. My other grandpa used to herd cattle in the summer time in Bench Creek, close to Woodland. Driving through Woodland I can imagine how it looked in its glory days when my grandpa was just a little boy, running around the town. The stories he would tell with that contagious laugh of his are unforgettable!

Rhoades Valley Fort
  • During our trip to Woodland, we stopped at Nobletts and hiked to the springs/waterfall. You can read all about that experience and how to get to Nobletts HERE. 
  • We also stopped in Kamas for an early dinner, and went to see the Rhoades Valley Fort. It is located at 100 W Center Street in Kamas. When Kamas was first settled, it was called Rhoades Valley. Rhoades Valley Fort was erected in 1866-67 for protection against hostile Indians. Was 30 rods square with walls 16 feet high built of logs that formed the back walls of the houses, with gates in the east and west walls. There were about 47 families who lived in this fort from the time of its erection until it was abandoned about 1870. The town of Kamas (Rhoades Valley) was surveyed and divided into lots 1869-70.(Info taken from the Utah State History website). Another interesting bit of information about Rhoades Valley Fort is Thomas Rhoades. He discovered coal in Chalk Creek, which is now Coalville, close to Kamas. Rhoades was also a very wealthy man, and rumor has it that he discovered a gold mine in the mountains of Utah. You can read more about "The Lost Rhoades Mine" HERE.
  • There are also many spots for camping in Woodland/Kamas area. There are also hiking trails, fishing, and  other recreation activities available. Also check out the Woodland Farmhouse Inn, a historical site.

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