Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoorasic Park - See It Before It's GONE August 31st

Hogle Zoo's Zoorasic Park
Yesterday we went to Utah's Hogle Zoo to check out Zoorasic Park. It was really cool to see and hear the dinosaurs all throughout the park. This exhibit has been at the Hogle Zoo all summer long, but after August 31st it will be gone for good! Make sure you get there and see it before you lose your chance!

In front of each dinosaur there is a sign that has the name of the dinosaur, and facts about that dinosaur. I especially liked that it signified if the replica was 1/2 of the original size, or the original size. It helped to imagine what the dinosaurs were like when they roamed the earth.

My kids couldn't get enough of the dinosaurs that spit water on you! On the sign that describes the dinosaur, it also compares it to present day animals that spit for defense.

I really liked that by a lot of the zoo animals, there were volunteers teaching the kids about certain aspects of that animal. The volunteer by the elephant exhibit had some elephant skin that the kids could touch and feel. He talked about elephants being mammals, and that we are mammals and the similarities between elephants and humans. It was a great educational experience for the kids!

This is one of the attraction you can see with your Salt Lake Connect Pass. Remember, this exhibit ends on August 31st, so get there and see it before it's too late!

REMEMBER: Hogle Zoo is one of our sponsors for our Summer Contest, so you receive double entries for posting pics from your zoo trip! There is only a few more weeks left of the contest!

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