Monday, September 19, 2011

WINNERS! Summer Contest

Thanks to everybody who participated in our first ever Enjoy Utah!'s Summer Contest! It was really fun seeing all of the adventures that you all had this summer!

Congratulations to all of our winners!:
Already given away during the contest:
Email me at and I make arrangements to pick them up or have me mail them to you. (Enjoy Utah! will not be responsible for any items "lost" in the mail. Once I send it out, it is out of my hands.)
How were the winners chosen?
Each person entering the contest created a photo album entitled "My Enjoy Utah! Summer Adventures".  They posted pictures of fun adventures they had during the summer. On each of the pictures, they linked back to a post we did about that specific place. Photos of our sponsors earned two points (or entries) per picture, and all other photos earned one point. If a contestant posted a picture in Utah about a place we had not blogged about, they had the opportunity to write up a guest post for that place and earn 3 entries per picture for that specific place. Points were then added up and assigned a number of entries. For example:
- Jane Smith earns 250 points. She get entries 1 through 250. Jane Doe earns 50 points. She gets entries 251 through 301, and so on with all the contestants. On a number is randomly selected to win the prize. If it chooses number 287, then Jane Doe is the winner. 

Thank you to all of you for your suggestions, input, etc. during this contest! We will definitely be doing this again next summer, but with a few different rules and guidelines. 

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  1. ROCK ON!! Literally - I will. Because I won the itunes gift card! Thanks so much for this contest.


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