Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fremont's Family Halloween Festival

(Previously known as the "Scary Story Trail")

Fremont Indian State Park/I-70, Sevier County, Utah
October 22nd 2011

All events and activities start at the museum. Start there and get your hands stamped FIRST!

Beginning at 4:30 pm (Across the street)
  • A Trebuchet Punkin' Chunkin' Contest 
  • An Atlatal Pumpkin Throw Contest 
  • Funnelator Pumpkin Contest 
  • Cannon Demonstration 
Beginning at 5:30pm (At the Museum and the Museum Parking Lot)
  • Cake Walk 
  • Pumpkin Decorating Contest (registration is at 6:15pm, and contest begins at 7:30pm)
  • Costume Contest (begins at 6:30pm)
  • Bean Bag Pumpkin Toss & Prizes 
  • Poke the Scarecrow Contest 
  • Face Painting (Fund Raiser-$1.00 per face) 
  • Candy Cannon on the Hour 
  • The Haunted Canyon Hay Ride - PG 
  • Tiny Tot Hay Ride - G 
  • "Where is the Headless Horseman"? 
  • Halloween Candy Bags for all the children 
Day Use Fee or Membership into the Friends Group (With Benefits)

Contact Information:
Fremont Indian State Park at 435-527-4631

Sponsored By: Friends of the Fremont Indian State Park and Museum & The Fremont Indian State Park

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