Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ride To A Witch at Gardner Village

We went on the Ride To A Witch last Friday night, and had a blast! (They also have many other activities going on right now, including a FREE Witch Scavenger Hunt!)

We parked on the West side of the village, and got our tickets at the ticket booth. These weren't just ordinary tickets; they were crickets! Perfectly fitting for a ride to Cricket Hollow Swamp to visit the witches! We presented our cricket tickets to the driver of the vintage truck that would take us to Cricket Hollow Swamp, where the witches live. 
Vintage truck ride to see the witches
Upon arrival at Cricket Hollow Swamp, we were greeted by the witches, who invited us into their house to browse around. Here we found eyeball soup, dragon armpit hair, a pet spider, and many other witchy and fabulous things. The queen witch herself was here to greet us, and show us around. 

Entering Cricket Hollow Swamp

My kids were speechless with Mildew Rose, as she showed them how to make cauldron soup. She was the perfect combination of spooky and fun, and every year at Gardner Village we look forward to talking to her and hearing her witchy voice!

Mildew Rose, one of our favorite witches!
Mother Goose Witch

Mother Goose Witch was perfectly motherly, and invited the kids to hold her goose as she read them a "nursery rhyme". She read Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet, although her versions were unlike any we had ever heard before! 

Burying a dead cockroach was our last task at Cricket Hollow Swamp. We were told to dig a small hole, throw the cockroach in, and bury it up. If we looked at it or thought about it while we did it, the cockroach might come back to life and crawl all over us while we slept! We couldn't have that, so we did as we were told! 

After catching the vintage truck back to the parking lot, we ended the night with shopping in the village, and dinner at Archibald's Restaurant. A perfectly fun family activity to kick off the Halloween season!

Ride To A Witch runs most Fridays and Saturdays, and even one Thursday, at Gardner Village. View the complete schedule HERE. Ride To A Witch is only $5 per person, and "cricket tickets" can be purchased at the ticket booth on the West side of the village.

Burying a dead cockroach

Ride To A Witch will not be running on Friday October 14th and Saturday October 15th because the witches will be busy dancing with all you witch moms while your little ones are tucked at home in bed during the Witches Night Out at Gardner Village! (6pm to 10pm Friday and Saturday night; only $5 for parking, then free admission!)

This year's Queen Witch

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