Monday, October 17, 2011

What To Do During UEA?!

UEA school break is this Thursday and Friday, and there are so many things going on to keep your kids busy! Here are a few of my recommendations for things to do while your kids are out of school:

Ride To A Witch
Gardner Village
Participate in the Which Witch Is Which Scavenger Hunt (FREE!) or check out Ride To A Witch! There is always something fun going on a Gardner Village, especially during October's Witchfest!

Library Events
Libraries always have free and fun activities going on for kids and adults of all ages! Check out the schedule for the library closest to you!

This Is The Place
During October they have a fun collection of activities and events for kids of all ages! Their Haunted Village is great for older kids, while the younger kids will enjoy the Little Haunts. 

Ophir Ghost Town
Ghost Towns
If you have a full day, check out a ghost town closest to you and go exploring! Our favorites are Ophir and Mercur in Tooele County. 

Cemetery Scavenger Hunt
Cemetery Scavenger Hunt
Learn some history while exploring a local cemetery. We love the Salt Lake City Cemetery, as it has such rich history! I recently drew up a tour map of the cemetery of famous local people (many LDS leaders), and you can find it HERE. 

Red Butte Garden After Dark
The night is alive! Come experience everything that wakes up or lights up at nighttime, even plants and animals that glow on their own! Visit the Garden for a celebration of the many ways nature and even humans light up the night. With crafts, activities, light displays and more this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss! October brings the beloved Garden After Dark, an indoor/outdoor, costume and kid-friendly romp through the Garden to celebrate Halloween. Join us!

Fall Leaves Bouquet
We love driving up one of Utah's many canyons and seeing the beautiful Fall leaves. Collect a few for home, and create a beautiful centerpiece. 

What are YOUR fun UEA Weekend plans?!

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