Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Heber City's Cowboy Poetry Gathering

November 2nd - 6th 2011
Heber City, UT

Gathering Events
Eight VIP Headliner Concerts
Ten Main Headliner Shows
Mountain Man Trading Post
2 Cowboy Express Trains
Cowboy Film Festival
Impact of the Horse
Western Art Rodeo
PBR Bull Riding
Buckaroo Dance
Cowboy Church
Western Booths
Jam Sessions
and much more!

"To promote the cowboy way of life through music, poetry and art by holding an annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair and by giving back to the community along the way."

Award winning Western Shows and the best musicians, poets, cooks, and artists in the West. 

Tickets can be purchased on their website.

A full list of events can be found on their website. Events include: steak dinner, concert, cowboy show and dinner, and PBR Bull Riding. 

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