Saturday, November 12, 2011

Local Finds For Holiday Beauty Secrets

Below are some ways to "spice up your look" this holiday season. If you have ideas that we have missed, email us at Here are some local places 

Mirage Day Spa
Located inside the Sports Mall on 5445 S 900 E in Salt Lake City, it is the perfect place to go for waxings, pedicures, manicures, and pampering yourself to relieve some stress! Our field expert, Jen, is the person in charge of waxings, so give her a call and book your beauty appointment today!

Paparazzi Jewelry
Accessories are the perfect thing to spice up your wardrobe for the holidays. Each Paparazzi piece is only $5, so it doesn't brake the bank! 

Holiday Hair
This segment from The Daily Dish has great ideas on updating your hair for holiday parties. Be daring and try something different! Sheri's Home Salon is a great place for updating your look!

Updating your makeup is a great way to try something new and daring this holiday season. I recently discovered Avon's supershock mascara, and LOVE it! Read makeup tips HERE.

Family Photo Clothes
Stuck in the same old rut when dressing your family for family photos. Watch this segment about dressing for family photos.

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