Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All About Utah

Looking for something to do with the kids and/or family?
Do you have out of town guests visitng, and you want to show them what Utah has to offer?

Here is an organized list of places to see in Utah, according to area. If a place fits in more than one category, it may be listed in both.

To view our blog entry about that specific place, click on the title

View our map of what to see in Utah HERE!

Angie's List
A list sent by one of our readers on the fun things she got out to see and do while living in Utah.

Flash Mobs
Do you want to take part or witness a flash mob!? SLC Mobsters is a local group that goes around flash mobbing groups!

A fun, low-cost way to experience Utah and find "hidden treasure"

Getting Around Town
2002 Winter Olympic Games
A look back at this historic event to take place in Utah.

Utah's Mysteries and Urban Legends
A collection of Utah's favorite mysteries and urban legends. Which ones have you heard before?

Utah History
(There are also more historic posts spread out among the counties. Make sure to look for museum and/or heritage centers when browsing the listings for counties)

Each Monday we post a fun fact about the great state of Utah. Here is a list of what has been posted on Mondays past:

Salt Lake County (for downtown, see below)
Downtown Salt Lake City
Tooele County
Utah County
Wasatch/Summit County
Weber/Davis/Box Elder County
Cache County
Sevier County
Carbon County
Emery County
Uintah County
Daggett County 
Duschene County
Washington County
Mountains, Hiking, Camping, Scenic Drives, etc.