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HOW did Enjoy Utah! get started?!
Being a work from home and stay at home mom, I love to get out and do lots of activities with my kids and family. We keep so busy with activities most of the time that we are constantly on the go, even if it's just taking a nice drive together to chat about things. Often I kept hearing over and over again from other stay at home moms "I am so bored all day long! There is nothing to do with my kids besides go to the park, or activities that cost an arm and a leg!" I was shocked to hear this, as we find so many free and cheap things to do and not enough time to do it in!

SO....I started this blog as a way to show other moms and families that there are so many things to do, especially in Utah, you just have to know where to look! Adventure is something you have to go out and find! "Bored people are boring people."

MICHELLE - Blog Founder
Areas of Expertise: Utah history, Salt Lake City Cemetery, Family Activities
I have been married since October 1999 to my favorite hubby ever (okay, my only hubby ever, but still my favorite!). Together we have two children, and we love to be out and about finding new adventures. We like to do anything BUT stay at home! We don't care where we're going, or what we're doing, as long as we are having fun together!

I am a work-at-home mom, and I also co-own a DJ business with my husband. In our family, we believe in hard work, but we also believe that you need to have fun and ENJOY life! Some of my other jobs/projects include:
You can CONTACT Michelle at

Chad and Jen - Field Experts
Areas of Expertise: Ghost towns, all things Halloween, Areas "off-the-beaten-path"
Chad and Jen are always out finding new adventures and cool places to go. They are known for discovering the "undiscovered towns" of Utah, like Ophir, Mercur, and other favorites of our readers. We love sending them to check out new and exciting places, and reporting back to our readers so that they know exactly what to expect when they go there. If you want to know of any remote and fun places to check out, especially in the great outdoors, they are the ones to ask! They are the experts on all things haunted house for Halloween. When they are not out finding adventures, Jen works as the Master Estetician at Mirage Day Spa, and Chad is an ASE certified auto mechanic/service writer at Gines Auto Service. Visit them for all your beauty and automobile needs!

Sheri Uffens 
Areas of Expertise: Fun Runs, Fitness
Sheri is an avid runner who participates in any and every run she can. She recently participated for the first time in the Ragnar Relay Race. She loves living in Utah and getting out and enjoying all of the fun and interesting things our great state has to offer. You can often find her exploring around The Great Salt Lake and Saltair, and participating in all of the runs she can.

Mallory Uffens
Areas of Expertise: Outdoors, the "teen perspective"
Mallory is always up for an adventure, and can be found out and about all over Utah. She is on the journalism team at her high school, and writes about fun things to do for teens. (Mallory is currently serving a mission in Jackson, MS for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.)

Frequent Contributors:

Tonya - Calendar Contributor
Tonya is our calendar contributor. When she finds events that she thinks our readers would be interested in, she adds them to the calendar. That way, you know what is happening on any given day.

You can also add your event to our calendar! Just go to our Calendar Page and click on "Add your event"!

Randy and Natalie Ockey - Utah Valley Family Adventures
Areas of Expertise: Utah County, Outdoors, Family Activities
Randy and Natalie Ockey are elementary school teachers from Utah Valley. They love taking their 3 boys on family-style adventures all over the state. They most enjoy doing things outdoors like hiking, birdwatching, stargazing and camping. You will often find them in museums, gardens, or along the trail.
They operate the blog Utah Valley Family Adventures which reviews outings that are appropriate for young families.

Kelly Vincent - Dixie Dollar Deals
Areas of Expertise: Southern County, Couponing and Deals
Kelly lives in St. George, Utah and writes Dixie Dollar Deals, a blog dedicated to finding the best deals to stretch your dollar in Utah’s Dixie!  She is a Utah native and has lived in St. George for the last 7 years.  She started her blog because she loves sharing the best food, entertainment and family activity deals from Utah's Dixie.  She also teaches coupon classes for those looking to cut their grocery budget in half while building an incredible food stockpile.  Kelly has a passion for helping Utah families save money.  Discover the best deals in Utah's Dixie by following Dixie Dollar Deals blog, facebook or twitter.

Caroline Kingsley -
When Caroline isn’t chasing down government and community news for the West Jordan Journal, she loves to play hard out in the community with her young family, traveling near and far for everything from gorgeous drives to foot-stomping festivals. She just can’t seem to stay home before bouncing out again for another opportunity to explore, learn and experience! Read more from Caroline at

Courtney – Visit Utah Valley blog 
Areas of Expertise: Utah County
Courtney loves everything about Utah Valley, which might be why she is so passionate about her work at the Utah Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau! She loves exploring local finds, hiking and running in Provo Canyon, sunning, skiing, and of course enjoying a good rodeo. She runs the Visit Utah Valley blog and updates it daily with must-dos and sees in Utah Valley.  You can also follow her posts about Utah Valley on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Indie Ogden
Areas of Expertise: Ogden area
For events going on in Ogden, we often link to Indie Ogden, a group from Ogden that knows anything and everything there is to know about Ogden. What's happening, the best places to be, local flavor, and much more! Indie Ogden has their own site, and posts frequent information to Enjoy Utah! for all of our Ogden readers.

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