Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tiffany & Co. In Salt Lake City

We have been waiting for years, and it is finally official: Tiffany & Co. is now in Salt Lake City! Jen and I attended the Breakfast At Tiffany's and ribbon cutting this morning, and are excited to share our sneak peek with you!
Sunglasses with the signature
Tiffany & Co. "key" design
The spacious 3,500-square-foot store is twice as big as I expected it to be. Located on the second floor of the new City Creek Center, you have a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Temple to the North. The entrance to Tiffany & Co. at the South provides a beautiful view of the fountains in Richard (Nordstrom) Court. 
"Must have" Tiffany & Co. journal book

This was my first time in a Tiffany & Co. store, and I was amazed at how many other items besides jewelry they had available for purchase. Handbags, luggage tags, sunglasses and even a baby collection were some of the non-jewelry items on display. I fell in love with the sunglasses and journal book immediately! 

Tiffany & Co. isn't just for the ladies. They have a beautiful selection of rings and watches for men as well.

I was amazed at all of the different "key" designs they had around the store. When I asked about it, they said that it was a tribute to the original Tiffany & Co. vault. In honor of their 175 years in business, they brought back that "key" style for all to enjoy.

My favorite collection after the keys and lockets was the "Tiffany Hearts" collection. A beautiful variety of hearts in bracelets, earrings and necklaces, Tiffany & Co. designers have a way of presenting hearts like nobody else does.

If you are thinking that you could never afford Tiffany & Co., think again. I was impressed with was the variety in prices. Tiffany & Co. is known for their high quality, and you can rest assured that anything you buy from Tiffany & Co. will be top of the line. Many of their designers offer styles like the necklaces to the left. The sterling silver necklace is in the $200 range, while the gold necklace is in the $1,300 range.
This year, 2012, marks the 175 year anniversary of Tiffany & Co. The Salt Lake City store is the only store opening this year in honor of that anniversary.  Pieces in the collection with the Tiffany signature on them were created exclusively for the 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co.
With the ribbon cutting and Breakfast At Tiffany's celebration this morning, Tiffany & Co. will be open for business for all to see tomorrow morning, March 22nd 2012. Take a peek at all Tiffany & Co. has to offer!
Michelle and Jen with Enjoy Utah
attend the Breakfast At Tiffany event 

All photos courtesy of and belonging to Michelle Powell.

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