Friday, March 30, 2012

Will You Go To Moab, Utah In April?

If you are an auto enthusiast, or own a classic vehicle, chances are you will want to visit the Moab, Utah ‘April Action Car Show’. I love this car show because hundreds of cars show up, and each one is a gem to behold, from paint to rims they are perfect.

The show features, classics (of course!), hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, trucks and many more. They have a ‘mini’ swap meet, housing ten to twelve booths. Registrants at the car show rent the booths, so you know that what you are looking at is the ‘real deal’, and not some slacker trying to gouge you for unreliable car parts.

You can find some really sweet deals for your ride, maybe some parts that you never heard of before! You may even be captivated enough to want to get your hot rod in shape for next years show! All of the cars and trucks that are there have their own ‘twist’ to make them stand out. One can definitely get some new and exciting ideas by just walking around and looking.

The owners of these special cars are more than willing to share what they have done to their vehicle, what car parts and accessories they have used and the cost of every detail! Since Moab is relatively small, their motels fill up quickly for events such as the car show.

As soon as you make the decision to go to Moab, make a hotel reservation; do not wait until you get there. Chances are that going to Moab is going to be a fairly long drive from where you live. I would suggest that you take a few days off from work and explore all that Utah has to offer while you are there. Utah is a beautiful state, with something for every one. I have always been captivated with Bryce Canyon, Zion and Salt Lake City. All of their National Parks are beautiful, with many hiking trails and camping facilities. Enjoy the car show; maybe I’ll see you there!

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