Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mud Wars!

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When? June 8th-9th 2012

Weber County Fairgrounds
1000 North 1200 West
Ogden, Ut 84404

What Time?
Friday Night 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday 11:00am – 4:00pm

For just $20 you get access to everything. All of the events and special events held throughout the day. There are some things that you might want to bring some cash for though like food, lockers or anything else that might cost money.

If you are in a fundraising group please arrive on the day and time that was organized for your group. This allows you to have fun with friends and compete against them. Emails will be sent out informing you of your allotted time at MUD WARS.

What to bring?
Bring clothes that you can get muddy. That may be too obvious but you would be surprised. Bring a towel and maybe a change of clothes then you won’t have to get the interior of your car detailed. Don’t bring cleats!! Bring a little extra cash. There will be booths and food that you will be able to purchase from.

Is there a gear check in?
There is a gear check in tent so if you have something that you do not want lost in the mud you might want to check it in. There is a $1 charge so bring a little cash or leave the stuff you do not want lost in the mud in your car.

What should I wear?
We love costumes. Wear something that is fun and original. Make sure it can get muddy. Do not wear cleats. They really won’t help anyways.

What do I get?
You get access to all of the events, special events, and booths.

There is a ton of parking so there should not be any issues. See the location tab for a map of where you can park.

We will have several professional photographers taking pictures of all the events that you will be able to purchase for cheap off of our site. They will be uploaded after the event.

Are there other activities?
Of Course! We have a ton of activities. There are speed tournaments where we play a game to 3 points and the winner stays on the court until they have defeated everyone. We also have scheduled events throughout the day like different tug of wars and so much more. You will just have to see everything that MUD WARS has in store for you. We really can’t explain it all.

Is there any alcohol?
Nope. Sorry. We do not serve alcohol at our events. People are crazy enough sober at our events and we do not want to add to that. We do not allow alcohol at all so leave it at home.

What is not allowed?
Cleats, bad language, outside food and drinks, alcohol, weapons of mass destruction,  or anything else potentially harmful. Anything else is fair game.

What is the age requirement?
We encourage all of our participants to be at least 12 years of age in order to keep things somewhat competitive and for their own safety. If they are under the age of 18 they need a parent’s permission to participate.

We are go for any kind of weather, unless Hurricane Katrina comes through Utah then we might reconsider, but if not plan on coming rain or shine.

We have a great food vendor so if you go hungry it is your own fault. Make sure you bring some cash so you can purchase food and drinks. No outside food or drinks. We want to support our local vendors so make sure to bring some money.

Ipods are not mud friendly just so you know. If you want to use it just know that we are not going diving in the mud to help you find it. Plus, we will have some music booming anyways.

We use 100% organic mud. It is recyclable and green friendly.

Can I volunteer?
We freakin love volunteers! If you volunteer to help us out we will give you get in for free and you get a free MUD WARS tee shirt. Let me repeat that for freeeeee!

Can I change my registration?
No. That was easy.

Can I just watch?
Absolutely! We love watchers. You need to have a wristband to participate so if you do not have you will automatically be a watcher. Watchers get in for free.

Can I bring a camera?
You may only bring a camera if you promise to post your pictures on our Facebook page and yours. Easy enough? Again we will have professional photographers snapping pictures so you might just want to rely on them. We will post the pictures on our Facebook page and on this site.

Nope. All sales are final.

What do I do if am having difficulty registering?
Well then shoot us an email and we will get back to you.

Can journalists play for free?
For Sure! We love free advertising. If you are a journalist and promise to advertise our event we would love to have you. Plus did we mention that you get in for free?

Can I get a discount?
Only if you ask really nicely and even then we will have to think about it. We try to keep our events cheap enough that you already are getting a discount but if you insist check us out on Groupon.

What charities do you give to?
We are always open to helping as many charities as we can so if you know of any send them our way. This year we are supporting Teamgive. See the Charity tab for more info.

Outside food and drink?
You are not permitted to bring any outside food or drinks. Come on support your local vendors.

How to pick a cool Mud Team Name?
Check this website out.

Any other questions contact us at

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