Wednesday, May 30, 2012

REVIEW: Paranormal Investigation with Grimm Ghost Tours

Old hospital beds
Our "field experts", Chad and Jen, got to attend a paranormal ghost tour with Grimm Ghost Tours. Here's what Chad had to say about their experience:

"Jen Pfeifer and I got to go on a paranormal investigation with Grimm Ghost Tours to Asylum 49 on May 25th.  It was a very unique and interesting experience.  It was our first investigation but will not be our last. 
An unexplained xray found in the basement
            Grimm GhostTours did a great job putting together the investigation.  We met with the group just before 8 p.m. and the owner of the building took us on a tour of the building before the sun went down to make sure we knew the layout of the building so nobody got lost.  He also told us stories about hot spots in the building and what to look for.  When the tour from the owner was over, everyone went back to the main room and GrimmGhost Tours took over. 

            Grimm GhostTours employees explained that we would be looking for evidence of different energies and to try to disprove anything that you see just to make sure it is real.  They strongly encouraged taking many pictures and to take many in a row.  If anything was going to manifest itself to us, that is one of the best ways to get evidence.  The guides let us split up into any size group we wanted.  We decided to go in the largest group because I did not want to have a paranormal experience by myself.

A dark hallway where shadow-men are
frequently caught on camera
           Some of the tools the guides had that they shared with us were a ghost box, pendulum, and some handheld monitors that picked up changes in the electricity and magnetism in the room.  As the night went on I started feeling much more comfortable with the unexplainable experiences we were having, so we broke away from the large group and went with three other people on our own.  As we went from room to room we had many more amazing things happen to us that would make anyone that doubts the existence of ghosts admit that some other energy was in that building with us that night. 

An old surgical table
            I would like to thank Grimm Ghost Tours for this experience, and I would strongly recommend that everybody go on a paranormal investigation with Grimm GhostTours.  The way they help you experience the paranormal is amazing.  I have had a strong fear of ghosts my entire life; now I have faced that fear and am excited for my next experience.  I do not think I will go off on my own like some people in the investigation did, but I at least I will have more curiosity than fear next time." 

About Grimm Ghost Tours:

Enjoy Utah received two complimentary passes to the Asylum 49 Grimm Ghost Tours Paranormal Investigation, but the opinions expressed in this review are solely the views and opinions of the writer, and we were not compensated to write any specific point of view.

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