Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cove Fort

On our way home from St. George a few weeks ago, we stopped at Cove Fort to take a rest and stretch our legs. We ended up spending two hours there because it was so fascinating!

Tours at Cove Fort are FREE, and they can adjust the tour to however much time you have to spend there. If you only want to spend 15-30 minutes, they can do the quick tour. If you want to see as much as you can, it's a few hours. We opted to learn all we could, and the more that we saw, the more we wanted to learn!
Cove Fort was opened sometime during 1867-1868, and served as a resting place for travelers. The Hinckley family lived and grew up there, and learned how to welcome travelers into their homes. Although the fort served as a resting place and had many bedrooms, there were also many conveniences. A telegraph office was found here, as was a kitchen and dining area. Travelers were welcomed with open arms, and enjoyed their stay at the fort.

In one of the rooms is a display of dominoes laid out across a table. These are actual dominoes that were found in the courtyard area when the fort was restored after 1988. 
Elder Despain was our tour guide, and was absolutely adorable with the kids! He showed them how to play pioneer games, how to shackle a horse, and told them stories about how the cowboys used to catch mice. 

Cove Fort can be found along I-15 where it meets I-70 by Beaver. Watch for the signs along the freeway and you can't miss it!

Cove Fort Days
Coming up on August 3rd and 4th, 2012 are the annual Cove Fort Days. Our tour guide, Elder Despain, told us that "if you attend this, you'll never forget it for the rest of your life!" It's fun for people of all ages. All events are completely free, and include:
  • stagecoach rides
  • wagon rides through sagebrush on the east side of the fort
  • music ongoing all day long with entertainment every hour
  • free hot dogs and chips on the grass by the picnic tables
  • a pioneer village where people come and dress in old pioneer clothes and cook over fires how they used to do it
  • blacksmiths
  • soap making
  • pottery
  • artists painting

Cove Fort Days will take place during daylight hours. The wagon rides will begin around 10am, the hot dogs will be served from approximately 11:30am to 4pm, the music will play until about 5pm, and you can visit the fort and the out buildings until about 7:30pm.
"Brother Brigham's Here"
Frank M. Thomas
will be one of the paintings for sale at the upcoming Cove Fort Days.
Watch for his booth!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! Cove Fort is on our bucket list this year. My grandpa's construction company was part of the remodel and I had so much fun going down and looking at all the things they discovered when I was little. Can't wait to take my kids!

  2. Replies
    1. Cove Fort is opened 365 days a year from 8:00 until sunset. We have local members from the Kanosh Ward that open the fort from 9-10 on Sunday mornings while the full-time missionaries attend church. We would love to have you stop and visit any Sunday.

    2. Cove Fort is open 365 days a year including every Sunday. We hope that you will stop by for a tour in the near future. The fort opens by 9:00 and stays open until sunset.


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