Tuesday, July 03, 2012

FUN At The Great Salt Lake

People travel for hundreds, and even thousands, of miles to see the Great Salt Lake, yet there are many locals who have never been out there.
    Bathers in the early 1900s "trying to sink"
    in the Great Salt Lake close to the original Saltair,
    once located 2 miles East of where Saltair is now.
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, people would come all over to see the "Coney Island of the West", and the Beach Boys even took pictures for an album at the old Saltair building. The building no longer stands, and all that remains are remnants of the old rollercoaster that used to be out there. Read more about the history of Saltair.

This summer, take time to see what is one of our biggest tourist attractions in the state!

What to do at the Great Salt Lake:
  • Write your name in the sand
      Skipping rocks
  • Try to build a sandcastle
  • Skip rocks
  • Climb "Black Rock"
  • Try to "sink". The salt content is so high that you can't sink. Whatever you do, you will float. 
  • Take a sailboat tour with Great Salt Lake Experience.  Read our review, and watch a video of our sailing adventure.
  • Visit the gift shop and learn more about the history of Saltair during Summer daylight hours.
  • Bird watch
  • Bring a metal detector, and see what you can find! You might be surprised!
  • View the dishes that are lying in the sand from the Ship Cafe that burned down in the 1920s. Read all about our treasure out there a few years ago.
  • Captain JR of Great Salt Lake Experience sailboat tours
  • Just get out there! Tourists come from miles around to see it; every local should be able to say they have been out there at least once in the last five year!
The sand is perfect for writing your name
or a message
Splashing and playing in the Great Salt Lake

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