Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UPDATE: September 11th Tribute

Staheli Catering will be offering very low cost meals Sunday - Monday - Tuesday morning.

We have five actors who have had face masks made as to represent Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Betsy Ross, Abraham Lincoln. We have created an opportunity for families to come and have photos done with these great characters on Monday evening from 6 to 9.

Come have some dinner - family pictures taken with with these great representations of our freedom, and then watch as the solar lights come on -- now that will be a great experience.
For more information on the September 11th Tribute happening in St George, check out:

About this event:
ONCE UPON A TIME. . . .  there was a farm, a working farm - The Staheli Family Farm, located in Washington Fields in Washington, Utah. That farm has become the staging area for a most unique and extraordinary event; that EVENT is the rest of the story - the first annual “September 11th Tribute & Patriotic Marathon.” And did we say it is non-political and non-profit? This marvelous occasion is meant only to honor God, Country, and Patriotism.

Alan L. and Sandra Foote are producing this momentous milestone. Alan ( will be singing the Lee Greenwood song, GOD BLESS THE USA, nine-hundred-eleven times beginning Sunday, September 9th at 6:46 am (MT) and will finish Tuesday, September 11th, at 6:46 am (the same time the plane hit the first tower). Please see the schedule for complete details. Staheli Family Farms has been so very kind as to allow use of their property during this event. Alan will sing in a tent surrounded with military colors; artifacts and memorabilia from the military will be displayed. A solar light garden will feature 3,497 units -- one for each of the fallen on 9-11.  A Flag Arena will display flags as to represent all those who gave and continue to give so valiantly for our freedoms.  And yes, Apple Pie - what could be more American than eating a slice of apple pie and sharing your heart with your family or a stranger – the ultimate back porch experience, don't you think? What is it that we are asking of you?Come and be a part of this event, naturally, but STOP wherever you are the morning of September 11th and sing, with Alan, the nine-hundred-eleventh time, GOD BLESS THE USA. This will be coordinated through the media - - the prayer being that as many as can, will catch the spirit of their own heart-felt patriotism and sing that great Lee Greenwood anthem at the time mentioned; whether you're in Walmart, on a treadmill, or gulping down your orange juice on the way to work – stop and sing.

It has just been overwhelming that so many very patriotic people in the community are stepping forward to assist us with this undertaking. Again, thanks to the Staheli Family Farm. We encourage all to come and “plant a flag” to create the beautiful flag arena meant to honor the sacrifice of those who have given little or who gave all. There will be food vendors, porta-potties, etc. 

This is not "The End" . . . . this is only "The Beginning".

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