Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Damsel In Defense

There is a new way for women to protect themselves, and that is with Damsel In Defense. With self-defense products geared for women, and designed so that women will want to carry them, you can walk with more confidence in knowing you can protect yourself should the need arise.

Sherry Anthony is one of the women in Utah that have started educating women on how they can use the products safely so they feel confident in using them.

"I educate, empower, and enrich women by giving them the tools to protect themselves, and teaching them how to handle and control them," Anthony said. "As a concealed weapons permit holder, I feel every person should have the right to protect themselves. Though I feel far to few women like guns because, well let's just say, it we're women, we're emotional, if we were to have to protect our families or ourselves do we REALLY want to shoot to kill? With these products, it helps us take control of the situation and get
safely away."

Damsel is different because it's a defense company geared at women, the "tools" fit nicely in a woman's hand with the coloring that women like (pink,purple black) They are geared at empowering women and making them one less statistic!

For more information, and to purchase or book a show, you can contact Sherry Anthony directly at damselprosherry@gmail.com, or check out her website. You can also call her at (435) 841-1692. Connect with her on Facebook. 

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  1. I bought a Damsel pepper spray and gave it to my daughter. There's been a creepy guy hanging around schools and following girls home, and I wanted her to be prepared.


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