Friday, September 07, 2012

FREE Utah Brazilian Festival Is A BLAST!

We go to this almost every year, and have a BLAST! 

Brazilians and the Community in general are getting prepared to celebrate the
Brazilian Independence Day

10.000 people are expected at the 8th Utah Brazilian Festival the biggest Brazilian event of the year 

Board members and volunteers of the 8th Utah Brazilian Festival are working hard to make this edition, the greatest Festival of all years.

Sponsored by Tucano’s Brazilian Grill, Wells Fargo, Wilner & O'Reilly Law Firm, Zions Bank, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Art Works, Salt Lake City and Zoo, Arts & Parks, Wizard Salt Lake City and the Viva Brasil Cultural Center, non-profit organization that promotes e sponsors annually the Utah Brazilian Festival expects about 10.000 people at The Gallivan Center, September 8th 2012 to celebrate the Brazilian Independence Day.

More than 500 people are working as volunteers to make this the best Festival.  An example is the artistic producer and choreographer Caio Castro , one of the Professionals that arrived in Salt Lake City coming from Atlanta, State of Georgia where he lives, to coordinate the artistic production of the Samba Parade, one of the most expected attractions of the Festival.

For The Samba Parade will present  the Traditional  “Baianas”, women that has been working as seamstresses for about one month now,  meeting on a regular basis to have the costumes ready.

Dancers and Musicians are rehearsing non stop. Samba Fogo Community Group created by the Artistic Director Lorin Hansen, and the Musical Director Mason Aeschbacher, are working with their performers to bring to the party a rich Afro-Brazilian traditions and mythology, that fuses live Afro-Brazilian music and dance with contemporary dance, martial arts, and fire dance, creating an exciting and culturally rich choreographic style in the Parade.

Proud Brazilian moms and their children from 5 to 15 years old are also participating of meetings to rehearse. The kids will have their on “bloco”, the Bloco Brasileirinhos in the Parade for the first time in 8 years.

To make the joy of the people, coming from Newark, New Jersey, the Musician Marcio Mendes and band, are bringing the greatest and newest hits that are now playing in Brazil. In the repertory, they are including famous songs of Ivete Sangalo, Chiclete com Banana, Gustavo Lima, Luan Santana and other Brazilian artists. .

Vendors are preparing the best in food and arts & crafts to promote the best of the Brazilian Culture. ”We are all moving fast for this remarkable edition of our Festival” says Matilde Teixeira Wosnjuk, the founder of the Viva Brazil Cultural Center.

Brasil 360 – An Interactive journey to Brazil
For the first time, this edition of the Festival is bringing an interactive trip that will take you to see the most varied Brazilian landscapes, in a completely new way. In about 25 minutes, the exhibition takes you through five Brazilian States, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiaba/Pantanal, Curitiba/IguaƧu Falls, Manaus/Amazon and Salvador.

What: 8th Utah Brazilian Festival
When: September 8th, 2012
Time: 1 to 7 pm
Location:  Gallivan Center – 250 South Main St. SLC
General Information: Viva Brazil Cultural Center – (801) 427-0607
Press Information:  Shirlei Domingues - (801)654-6033

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