Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hiking Corner Canyon Regional Park - GHOST FALLS

A great post by guest contributor, Ann Anderson with Trekaroo:

The maple and scrub oak trees are already starting to display their fall colors in the hills above Draper.  So if you’re ready to collect some Crayola-rubbing-worthy-leaves, check out the family friendly Ghost Falls trail located in Draper’s Corner Canyon Regional Park.  This trail isn’t named for any ghosts haunting the area.  Instead, the trail is named after the seasonal waterfall that often “disappears like a ghost” in certain seasons.  

There are two options for accessing Ghost Falls:
  • Short hike (approximately 1.5 mile roundtrip):  Access the trailhead located along the upper Corner Canyon gravel dirt road which begins at 1020 East Pioneer Road in Draper.  This gravel road ends at the Ghost Falls trailhead near some picnic tables and a primitive restroom.   The trail follows downhill switchbacks to reach the falls.  Keep in mind that those downhill switchbacks may become severely steep uphill switchbacks on your return trip!
  • Longer hike (approximately 3 mile roundtrip):  Access the trailhead located at the Coyote Hollow trailhead in Draper at 14200 South 1850 East.  The trail starts off through trees, along a dry creek bed with views up to Corner Canyon.  After .28 miles the trail splits to the east along the old lower Corner Canyon road.   This is where it can be confusing as there are several trails that diverge off of this road.  The good news is that these diverging trails do continue to lead hikers eastward towards the upper canyon where the actual Ghost Falls trail north and south loops begin.  
  • Copies of Corner Canyon Regional Park maps are usually available at trailheads.  You can also print a copy of the park’s trail maps.
  • This area is extremely popular with mountain bikers.  Proper trail etiquette requires that bikers yield to hikers; however there are plenty of blind curves along the trail to be wary of.  When hiking with kids I would suggest that an adult lead the group in order to listen for bikes up ahead.  
  • Certain areas of the Corner Canyon Regional Park are designated as watershed areas, which mean no domesticated animals are allowed.  Ghost Falls is within the watershed boundaries.
  • See if you can spot the misspelled signs located throughout the Corner Canyon Regional Park.  Hint: etiquette only has 3 Ts.

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