Thursday, October 11, 2012

Witches Night Out

Witches Night Out at Gardner Village is one of the biggest Halloween events of the season! Because of its popularity, instead of one weekend, Gardner Village has added a second weekend! You can come to Witches Night Out THIS weekend, October 12th and 13th, as well as October 26th and 27th.

  • Parking is only $5 per carload (carpool and split the cost!....only $1 per person!), OR take trax. There is a trax station right across the street!
  • Admission is FREE!
  • 6pm to 10pm each night, with a Witches' Parade at 8pm.
  • Special deals in all the shops
  • Get your Glitter Eyes done at Kamille's!
  • Enter to win prizes!
  • Dress in your best witch costume, get a sitter for the little ones, and enjoy a night out with the girls!
  • My husband and I DJ this event each year, so make sure you find me and say hi! I will be the witch spinning the tunes in the top of the tower by the main stage. You can't miss it! If you want to prerequest a song, go to our Squawkbox Sound Facebook page and leave us a comment on what song you would like to hear, and what night you will be attending.

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