Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ogden Nature Center Volunteer Receives Award

Ogden Nature Center Volunteer, Nicole Berthelemy,
Receives Award

Ogden Nature Center volunteer Nicole Berthelemy was recently honored with the  "Heart and Hands Award" during Utah Philanthropy Day. Nicole was nominated by the Ogden Nature Center for her significant contributions over the years.

In a quiet, and sometimes behind-the-scenes way, Nicole has donated countless hours of her time as a board member, past board chair, and as a volunteer helping out with many Ogden Nature Center events. She has generously supported the Ogden Nature Center financially as well, and has helped raise thousands of dollars by donating an authentic French dinner which is auctioned off at the Nature Center’s Wildwoods Bash each year.  True to her reserved personality, Nicole said “it is fun for me to go to the Ogden Nature Center and help.  I feel that there are many other people who deserve the award more than me.”  Nicole exemplifies the spirit of the award, which is given to those who make significant contributions to charitable causes throughout Utah. 
The awards honor and encourage community giving and are sponsored by the Utah Nonprofits Association and the Utah Society of Fundraisers.
The Ogden Nature Center was established as Utah’s first Nature Center in 1975. Its mission is to unite people with nature and nurture appreciation and stewardship of the environment.  The Nature Center campus is a 152-acre nature preserve with 1.5 miles of walking trails, picnic areas, tree houses and a spotting tower.  A main attraction at the Ogden Nature Center is its live exhibit of birds of prey and other native animal species that help teach our community about wildlife and habitat protection.  The Ogden Nature Center is located at 966 W. 12th Street in Ogden, Utah. 

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