Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thoughts On Yesterday's Tragic Events

As with all of you, I am absolutely heartbroken and filled with sadness at the events of yesterday and the families that have lost children and loved ones. I feel like I need to say a few words and provide information for those of you that are feeling the same way as I am. 

I was driving yesterday when I heard the news, and had just left my children's school. I had to pull over because the news was more than I could take. The young boy that said seeing his sister alive and in that firehouse was "the greatest day of his life", and hearing the children were told to "cover their eyes" as they walked out of the school brought emotions like I've never felt before. An event that happened so far away can still pierce your heart like you never expect it would. Having children in 1st grade and 3rd grade, I cannot even imagine being one of the parents to arrive at the firehouse, watch other parents embrace their children, and wonder why yours is not in the group.  
Seeing my children's faces and hearing their voices this morning almost brought tears back to my eyes. My heart and prayers go out to those families not able to enjoy this simple miracle this morning. 

Sorting through your feelings, and helping your children to understand:

Our friends at Amber Creek Family Counseling Center has posted some great information on their Facebook page on how to help your child understand all that is going on. 

You can read the information HERE on their Facebook page. 

THANK YOU Amber Creek Counseling for posting this valuable information to help us all at this difficult time!

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The state of Utah has crisis lines set up all across the state for those wanting to express their grief or seek help. Don't minimize your feelings or expect this to not affect you just because it didn't happen in your neighborhood.

Mental Health Crisis Lines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are open to anyone needing mental health crisis services. The organizations listed provide crisis counseling and mental health information and referrals. All calls are confidential and may be made anonymously. If there is a life-threatening emergency, or if you have concerns or fear of danger, immediately call 911.

One of our own:
Many of you may have heard that one of the victims was the beautiful daughter of an Ogden couple. You can find more information on how you can reach out to them and help them on the Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page.  What a beautiful angel, and our hearts and prayers go out to her family as well as all of the other families affected.

True Heroes:
I really like the following advice Mr Rogers shared with us many years ago:

As with any tragedy, the stories about the true heroes will start to come out over time. Our teachers give up so much for our children, and sacrifice so much for them. I would love to hug each and every one of the teachers that protected their students that day. 

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