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REVIEW: Painting With A Twist

"We did it!"
Michelle, Mallory, Jen and Katie had a pARTy at Painting With A Twist in Murray!
Candice's step by step instructions and fun
personality made the pARTy so much more
fun than those "serious" art classes!
Tuesday night we attended a pARTy (art party) at Painting With A Twist in Murray. This was one of the most fun girls' night outs that I have had in a long time! There's something refreshing about having a fun girls night out and discovering a new hobby. We've all heard that taking time out for ourselves makes us a better person for others, and I truly believe that after our pARTy! 

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Most people look at something like this and say "Oh, I am not artistic. I could never paint something like that!" Seriously, if I can do it, you can too!

You can see from my drawing of a
horse that I am not artistic at all!
Here is a little background about my "artistic abilities". My husband is a fantastic "drawer", and my kids love for him to draw pictures of cute animals. When my daughter was two years old, dad was at work, and she asked me to draw her a horse "like daddy does". I explained to her that I can't draw like dad does, but she didn't care. She just wanted me to draw her a horse. So I did. She cried for three hours saying "That's not a horse!" It was a full on, catastrophic, meltdown! As you can see from the picture to the right, I am definitely NOT artistic! Just ask my teary eyed daughter!

When we got invited to attend a pARTy at Painting With A Twist, you can see why I was a little bit nervous of creating anything artistic. It sounded like fun, and my friends were more than excited to join me, so we signed up for the "Palms At Dusk" painting class. 

Ready to paint!
When we arrived at Painting With A Twist, even the atmosphere was fun! The brightly colored painting on the wall, and the fun photo cutout, lightened our mood and made us not as nervous. Mallory was excited to wear the bikini apron! 

When all of the attendees had arrived, we sat down at our station and began to receive instruction. This isn't one of those "serious" paint classes where everything has to be perfect. The mood was light and fun, and we all goofed around and laughed with each other as we created our "masterpieces". (We even threw in a little Gangnam Style mixed in with our painting lesson!) The instructor, Candice, was very bright and cheerful, and eased our nervousness about our lack of artistic ability. She showed us simple ways to create our paintings, and when she broke it down step by step, it was a very easy process! 

I cannot wait to go back to Painting With A Twist, and have another fun girls' night out! They also have a family day, which my kids would love! The youngest recommended age is six years old.

You can find a list of all of their classes on their website. Upcoming classes include a family day, couples night and paint your pet. The last Saturday of the month is reserved for S.O.S., and is free for anybody that attended a class that month. If you feel your picture needs to be fixed, bring it back then and they will help you fix it.

They also do private parties, such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girls night out, office parties, church groups, baby and wedding showers, school activities, fundraisers.....any kind of party you can think of, they will book it! 

Gift certificates are available, and are a great gift for the "person who has everything". It's a unique gift that anybody would like!

A huge thanks to Candice from Painting With A Twist Murray for inviting us to come and check out a class! 

"Painting with a twist was very laid back and fun! The instructor was very funny and personable and is very encouraging. She made it a very friendly environment and I will definitely be back in the future! I was so proud of my painting I came home and hung it on my wall!" - Jen
"I had a blast at Painting with a Twist!! Such a fun idea for a girls night out. I don't have an artistic bone in my body and I still came home with a museum quality piece of art!" - Katie
"I thought the class was very fun! The teacher girl was very nice and made the experience a lot more interesting. I had fun, and the painting looked good. It was very fun!" - Mallory
"It was so much fun to take my painting home and have my kids say 'Mom, YOU painted that?!' They usually laugh at my drawings, but it was fun to have them proud of me for creating a work of art. Because the teacher broke it down step by step, it made it not so overwhelming. It was refreshing to get out with the girls and discover a new hobby! I can't wait to go back!" - Michelle

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  1. Fun activity such as this is one cool one to celebrate and have a get together along with friends and family. It enhances the inner artistic in you and makes you enjoy the art itself. Good job to you guys, definitely a must try for the next party I'll be doing.



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