Monday, February 18, 2013

Girls' Running Program Captures Hearts and Motivates Legs

Exercise not only increases the health of girls,
but builds their self-esteem and confidence as well
Did you know that only 11 percent of young girls get the recommended hour a day of physical activity, compared with 42 percent of boys?! 

Girls on the Run (GOTR), a non-profit organization, wants to change those statistics.  They understand that exercise not only increases the health of our girls, but builds their self-esteem and confidence as well.  

GOTR has had great success with an after-school program that is designed to promote physical, emotional and social development in 3rd - 8th grade girls through running and mentoring.  The program provides team coaches and individual ‘running buddies’ to more than 800 girls in Salt Lake County as they train over 12 weeks for the annual 5k at Sugar House Park each Spring and Fall. 

The program recently expanded beyond the 55 schools in Salt Lake County to include Utah, Davis and Summit counties.  So they are looking for hundreds of new participants, coaches and running buddies to make this year’s race the most successful ever.  

Share this information with girls in your life to help get the word out about this life-changing program! 

For more Girls on the Run inspiration please watch this video or get more information on their website.   

SIGN-UPS end this Saturday, February 23rd 2013!

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