Monday, March 18, 2013

Field Trip Day at Mummies of the World


Children were bustling with excitement today waiting for their turn to see the Mummies of the World exhibit at The Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Leonardo teamed up with American Exhibitions to provide access for over 1,000 children in Title 1 schools all across Utah to view and learn from the Mummies of the World exhibit. For most of these students, ancient Egypt and mummies goes along with their school curriculum and what they are learning in the classrooms this time of year.

“We reached out to these schools to let them know that this is available, and there was incredible response,” said Lisa Davis, spokesperson for The Leonardo. “Kids read a lot and look up things on the internet, which is fantastic, but to actually see something in real life completes the experience. There’s nothing like seeing the authentic thing itself. It really gets kids engaged in education, and brings things to life.”

Because there were a limited number of tickets, many schools offered the field trip to students as an incentive for those who performed really well, or had great attendance. One teacher said that the kids were so excited, and their job was to come to the exhibit, learn from it, and report back to the students that were not able to attend.

The kids leaving the exhibit were full of excitement talking about their favorite mummies and what they learned from them. Because of opportunities like this, their learning and knowledge are increased with in-person and real-life learning experiences.

“What they do in the classroom is so important and foundational, but then to have that paired with the real interest experience, they get that complete picture and it means something bigger to them,” said Davis. “It’s really exciting that we can play that role and partnership with the schools to add that next level of education experience.”

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