Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Enjoy Utah!

Three years ago today I published my first post! I am amazed every day what doing this blog has brought me, and the friends I have met in the process!

Many of you have been loyal followers from the beginning, and I am so truly grateful for all of my readers, new and old!

i'm boredMy main goal for this blog was to show people this wonderful world, especially this wonderful state, that we live in. There are so many things to see and do, and adventure is what you make of it. I love this quote by Louis C.K. I always say that “bored people are boring people”. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you are on, or what your limitations are, you can always find something amazing and spectacular every day of your life.

I am very thankful for all of you that have shared your talents with me over the last three years by contributing your favorite memories and writing posts or contributing to our calendar! There is NO way I could have done this blog for three years without the help of all of you!

One of the most memorable adventures over the last three years was covering the solar eclipse in Kannarraville, UT. This small town in Southern Utah was named as the “hot spot” viewing place for the annular eclipse in May 2012. We met “eclipse chasers” from Germany, Las Vegas, California and all over the world! It was fun to visit with them, and be there for the excitement of watching the moon move into position over the sun.

ALL of the place we have been asked to review over the last few years has been memorable! You can read about all of them on our Reviewed By Us page.

If this blog has taught even one person to get out and enjoy the wonderful world we live in, then I have done my part!

What are some of your favorite memories or events that you have learned about from Enjoy Utah over the last three years? I would love to hear your memories!

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