Friday, March 08, 2013

Introducing Family Share

Family Share Header

Photo from the Family Share Facebook page

There is a new website out for parents and families called Family Share. I signed up a month or so again for a free account, and have loved getting daily email updates, reading articles according to what I am interested in, and asking and answering questions from other members.

Each article is grouped with other articles in the same category so you can browse through articles that interest you. Each article has a bright, interesting image highlighting the article. 

You can also join groups according to your family needs and interests.

The articles that especially stood out to me recently are:

Discover Family Share for yourself and your family!

A word from Family Share:


At, our mission is to be trusted voices that enlighten, inspire and strengthen hundreds of millions of families worldwide. Our site is dedicated to helping individuals find practical solutions for their families.

We have over 350+ contributors from a variety of backgrounds, and life situations. By sharing our life stories, each of us can help others who want to learn from people who have “been there and done that.”

In addition to articles, we also have groups, crowd sourced questions and answers, and topical groups with discussion boards. We firmly believe that online crowd sourcing is the most effective way to bring a large group of people together to share their collective knowledge to help others.

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