Monday, March 25, 2013

Mummies, Clean Water and Doing Your Part


“We’re getting people to sign their name and do what they can to help conserve water,”
said Paris Gibson with
People Water 

Over the weekend, People Water teamed up with Mummies of the World and The Leonardo to help bring awareness to the importance of clean water for everybody around the world in honor of World Water Day on March 22. Enjoy Utah’s field expert, Chad, got the chance to visit with People Water at the Mummies of the World exhibit at The Leonardo and learn more about what they are doing to help bring clean water to those that don’t have every day access to it.

Why is clean water important?

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water related illness. This averages out to 1.5 million children each year. Knowing those alarming statistics, People Water has stepped up to do their part, and is asking you to do your part as well.

“We’re getting people to pledge to conserve water,” said Paris Gibson with People Water. “We’re here bringing awareness of the water stress that’s going on in the world. Only 2% of the world’s water is fresh and is actually drinkable. A lot of that is consumed in ice caps. We’re getting people to sign their name and do what they can to help conserve water, whether it be turning the lights off in their house so power plants don’t have to use as much water, or turning the sink off while they brush their teeth rather than leaving it running.”

Women in other countries go to great lengths to bring clean drinking water to their families and villages. Every day, they carry water jugs that can weigh up to 40 lbs. on their heads. Carrying these water jugs causes a lot of damage throughout the women’s body, including their pelvic bones. Because they have to walk up to four miles each day with these water jugs, it puts them at risk for sexual harassment and other dangerous situations. Very small children have also been seen carrying the heavy water jugs. 

Those that visited the People Water booth at Mummies of the World last weekend got a chance to carry these water jugs and try to imagine this as part of their daily duties.

What can I do?!

Gibson said that they are hoping to bring awareness to the average population and get them thinking about ways they can conserve water. One girl came up with the idea to ride her bike more, because even fueling your car uses water. Gibson gave other ideas that the average person can do to help conserve water:

  • Don’t run your dishwasher until it’s completely full.
  • Wait until you have a full load to to laundry.
  • Only water the grass when absolutely necessary.
  • Shave your face at the sink, not in the shower.
  • Think of the food you consume. For three servings of beef, it takes 300-400 gallons of water. Reduce what you’re eating. Poultry uses less water.

What is People Water doing to help, and how can I get involved?

Source“We’ve been able to build and repair 25 wells in the past year, and fund 10 mechanics,” Gibson said. “Their job is to go and fix wells that are broken. 70% of all well projects in the world are broken and need to be fixed. It’s usually a small piece.”

People Water is building a well in honor of The Leonardo, most likely in Kenya. Donations were accepted throughout the weekend at the People Water booth for this well.

People Water has a partnership with Mummies of the World, The Leonardo and Whole Foods. If you purchase a People Water bottles water at participating Whole Foods during the time of the Mummies exhibit, you can save $3 on your entrance.

People Water has helped build wells in countries such as Nicaragua, Haiti, Ghana and India. They were able to employee 10 mechanics in India, who now have the knowledge and skills to help repair broken wells. For every 50 wells that are up and working, it affects 100,000 people. You can find People Water bottled water in Utah, California, Colorado, Nevada and California at Whole Foods, Costa Vida, Harmons, 7-11 and other various gas stations.

To get involved with People Water, they do have internships and ambassador programs available. You can find more information on the People Water website.

People Water is a for profit company, but they do donate the money they make to charities. Ambassador program to help spread the word and awareness.

Thanks to the Mummies of the World exhibit for letting us know about this great event, and the fabulous work People Water is doing to bring awareness and clean water to the world!


People Water celebrates World Water Day

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