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Utah Miss Amazing Pageant


Many times a day I receive emails about upcoming events and things to do in Utah to post about. Every so often an event or organization really grabs my attention. The Utah Miss Amazing Pageant is one of those that really touched my heart.

My great aunt had Downs Syndrome, and appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest living person with Downs Syndrome in the world. It was always fun to see her get involved in the Special Olympics and other organizations that made her feel special. If she was still alive today, this would be an event should would be proud to participate in that would boost her self esteem and get her excited about life.

206150_275742492527734_113034029_nThe Miss Amazing Pageant organization believes that all people should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through the structure of the Miss Amazing pageant and other Miss Amazing programs, they hope to give girls and women with disabilities that opportunity. In an atmosphere built around encouragement and support, we believe the Miss Amazing pageant can bring the community together and encourage further inclusion for individuals with special needs.

179585_264167300351920_318924094_nThe Miss Amazing pageant is different from any other pageant because the participants have the opportunity to give back their communities by simply entering in the pageant! The only entrance fee is five cans of food. This feature of the organization not only allows the participants to become active members of the community, but also ensures that their participation in the program is in no way detrimental to their family’s economic situation.

Once these cans are collected, the six division winners kick off their reign by donating them to a local homeless shelter or food pantry. This is how Miss Amazing Inc. offers girls with disabilities the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills from the Miss Amazing pageant to become community leaders and change makers. Our hope is to inspire the Miss Amazing queens and princesses with this community service project to put their talents to work and give back in their own way!

378286_275740139194636_182995984_nThe program is broken up into seven age divisions ranging from ages 5-35:
Ages 5 – 9: Rising Star
Ages 10 – 12: Preteen
Ages 13 – 15: Jr. Teen
Ages 16 – 19: Teen
Ages 20 – 23: Jr. Miss
Ages 24 – 27: Miss
Ages 28 - 35: Sr. Miss

One representative in each age division will be selected as a queen to represent her state for the year. All participants will be crowned as princesses and will be awarded a trophy for their bravery and hard work. Medals are also awarded to the talent winners and runner-ups.  

551638_275740125861304_1409595382_nFor more information on entering the pageant or helping out with the pageant, visit the Miss Amazing Pageant website.

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Apply now to Utah's 2013 Miss Amazing pageant (girls ages 5-35). It will be on the 22nd and the 23rd of March and it will be held at Utah State University. The only cost to participate is a donation of 5 cans of food.

You can also contact:

Abigail Farr
State Director, Utah Miss Amazing
(801) 828-6018


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