Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Allergy Services at University of Utah Healthcare

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Last night I attended the free allergy clinic at University of Utah Healthcare South Jordan at Daybreak, and was tested for a variety of different allergies.

Kevin Wilson, M.D. was on hand to talk about allergies and answer questions attendees had. I learned a lot about allergies and how they are related to my chronic sinus infections.

2013-04-23 19.31.01The allergy test was a simple skin prick on both forearms, and the only side effect was itching from the allergens I reacted to. I knew I was allergic to grass, but found out the specific type of grass, and other allergens I wasn’t aware I was allergic to. At first when my skin started turning red, I thought that was a reaction, but was told that it depends on if your skin creates a hive-like bump, and the size of it.

It helps to know what you are allergic to so that you can either avoid those types of allergens or watch the pollen forecast and know which days are going to be the worst. Other options are available which include immunotherapies of different types.

Allergy services are available at the University of Utah Healthcare South Jordan, and you can schedule your appointment by calling (801) 587-8368. Dr Wilson is a board certified physician specializing in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery. He received advanced training from the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy to perform allergy testing and immunotherapy.

I was compensated financially to attend this event and write about it, but the views and opinions expressed in this review are all my own.

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