Thursday, May 30, 2013

MYSTERY SOLVED! Baby Big Foot or Darth Vader at Accident Scene?

Darth Vader[4]

Yesterday we posted about a video that was circulating around Facebook and other social media outlets. What appears to be a small animal or “robot” of some kind was captured by local television station KSL at an auto accident scene.

We contacted KSL, and they too saw the interesting “creature” in the video. They had their news anchor that was at the scene take a look at it, and discovered the true identity of this “creature”.

Trust me when I say this, that you are not going to want to know the answer to what it really is. It is definitely a lot more fun believing a Baby Bigfoot or small Darth Vader was captured on television. Kind of like learning the truth about the tooth fairy; it’s a lot more fun and magical to believe than to know the truth. That is why I waited until today to reveal the answer. I wanted to give you at least one magical night believing that something mysterious was captured on camera on Utah.

Here is the answer KSL sent to us:

“Well, the mystery has been solved. Our news anchor Sandra studied the footage and said it is a firefighter going down the hill. That Darth Vader look is actually his helmet. –Susan”

If you look close enough, you can see that it’s a firefighter with a helmet on sitting on the hill, with his/her back turned towards us, looking down. You can even see writing on the back of the jacket.

firemanIn the photo to the right, you can see firefighters with their backs turned towards us. Notice the yellow writing on the back of their jackets. You can see that in the picture above of “the creature”.

Well, another mystery solved. Like I said, the magic goes away once you find out what it really is. It’s a lot more fun believing than knowing!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! Glad to know Big Foot (or Darth Vader) isn't lurking around these parts. Hahaha!

    I discovered your blog a couple days ago and I just wanted to leave a comment to tell you how much I have enjoyed it! I have a big list put together (all from different posts of yours) of different hikes, parks, splash parks, etc to try out this summer that we've never been to. Thank you for all your hard work at sharing all of these fun places with us!!

    1. Thank you Rachel! :) Your comment made my day! Glad to know you are finding fun things to do, and enjoying Utah! :) Have a wonderful Summer! :)


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