Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DISCOUNT: Piano Lessons on DVD

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Would you love for your children to take piano lessons, but to pay for each child isn’t in the budget and the time it would take to taxi each child back and forth would take every spare family moment? Reading Keyboard music on DVD is the perfect solution. Everyone in your family can take piano lessons for one low price when it fits in your schedule. This method is fast, effective and taught by university professor Merrilee Webb.

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Congratulations to Kimberly C! She entered to win a Reading Keyboard Music DVD, and was randomly selected as our winner.

Discount for Enjoy Utah readers:
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About Merrilee Webb, owner of Reading Keyboard Music:

Merilee WebbMerrilee Webb, owner of Reading Keyboard Music, has been the Director of Raging Red (DSU’s song and dance performing group) at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah since 2009. DSU awarded her the Teacher of the Year Award in May of 2011. Miss Webb taught at Brigham Young University Hawaii where she served as the director of the Men’s and Women’s Choirs from 2002-2005 and received the award as Teacher of the Year twice. Merrilee has been an Associate Director of the Young Americans since 1994 and has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally. Merrilee received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Brigham Young University Provo and was named BYU's "Most Outstanding Musician" in 1983.

Merrilee learned to play the piano when she was five years old using the Reading Keyboard Music Method. Because RKM is the most effective and efficient way to teach people to learn to read music, Merrilee quickly became a strong musician and excelled early as a pianist. She started her own piano teaching studio using the RKM method when she was 16. She has taught private piano for over 20 years and group piano at both Brigham Young University Hawaii and Dixie State University for seven combined years using the RKM method. Her students learn to read music quickly and find early success in their piano studies.

Merrilee is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) and is well known for her clarity of teaching style and the positive energy she displays as she gives workshops and clinics to piano and choral teachers across the nation.

Merrilee has personally taught over 5000 students during her twenty-year teaching career in middle school, high schools, universities and The Young Americans. Merrilee is very proud of the success of her students both in music and all the other careers they have chosen. Some notable students include Wendy Harmer (, Khalid Freeman (IMDB -, Kamuela Kimokeo ( and Kisslan Chan (

Merrilee has published some of her choral music through Santa Barbara Music Publishing ( The remainder of her pieces are self-published and can be obtained from Merrilee personally.


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