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REVIEW: Sage Leaf Spa at Brick Canvas

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As part of my Brick Canvas series of reviews, I got to check out Sage Leaf Spa.

From the moment I called to schedule my appointment, to the minute I walked out the door at the end of my experience, the entire staff was friendly and helpful. My massage therapist, Kristina, was experienced and knowledgeable about the products and what my specific needs were during the massage.

Upon arrival, you will notice how clean, relaxing and up-to-date Sage Leaf Spa is. You will want to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. You are assigned a locker for your valuables (for free, so no need to bring extra quarters!), and a robe is provided to change into. Once you are changed, take a minute to relax in the “quiet room”. This is a relaxing, dimly lit room where you can relax and get mentally prepared for your experience by letting go of all your worries and cares, and leave them behind. When your massage therapist comes in to get you, they speak softly and keep that relaxing feeling throughout your time at Sage Leaf Spa.

Because I had never heard of it before, only that it was wonderful, I decided to try out the Vichy Shower. It’s a massage experience while underneath hot shower heads. You also receive a relaxing scalp massage, so come prepared with all your hair products to do your hair afterward.

When I first heard of the Vichy Shower, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It is not a typical shower where you stand in water. You lay down on a regular massage table with a large towel to cover you. You are covered the entire time just like when you receive any other kind of massage, except because your towel gets wet, it’s heavier and keeps you covered better than a regular massage.

The massage is done while the showerheads are spraying you with water, which makes the experience that much more relaxing and rejuvenating. You also receive a scalp massage, so make sure to come prepared with hair gel and any other hair products you will need for after the massage.

After the “shower”, you are given a light massage in another room with exotic body lotion. Your massage therapist will go over what kind of products are available, and which ones you prefer.

After your treatment, you are guided back to the “quiet room” and are told to relax and take as long as you need. They have reclining chairs, and you are welcome to lay down and take a nap for a while if you need it.

I was highly impressed with Sage Leaf Spa, their staff and their treatments offered. They are very modern and up to date with everything they do.  I was glad to hear that they use doTerra oils in many of their treatments.

In this review, I am supposed to write ways that they can improve, or things they can do different. The only thing I can think of is maybe letting the client know when the appointment is booked to come prepared with hair gel, etc. for afterward. Other than that, they were great, and I can’t think of anything else they should change or do different!

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