Thursday, September 19, 2013

REVIEW: Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus and Semi Trailers

By, Chad Gines – Field Expert for Enjoy Utah!

Strangling Brothers

Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus invited us out to experience their haunted house again this year.  I have been excited to give them another chance to see if they can scare me as bad as they did last year and they were very successful.  

strangilng[3]When we arrived in the parking lot I found the familiar white tent with the large clown face that welcomes you into a world of horror.  I walked up to the tent and started questioning why I would even think about putting myself through this terror again.

Once inside the large tent you get to wait until it is your group’s turn to enter the main portion of the haunt.  They have many things to keep you entertained and make it feel like you are not just standing in line.  We enjoyed the evil clowns, zombies, movie clips on the large screen, and even a dead looking clown performing magic tricks on the stage.  This is all just for the people waiting in line.  The clowns at the entrance do a very good job of keeping groups spaced out so you are able to have your own experience and not see the group in front of you get scared.

When our time came we nervously entered the trailers.  I was determined to keep in my mind that it was all costumes and actors, but that thought left me at the first sight I got in this clown-filled nightmare.  The entire time while trying to navigate through this place I wanted to just close my eyes and have someone lead me out, but Jen had beat me to that and I had to lead the way.

Strangling Brothers Circus 1[2]With each area we reached, the fear inside me just kept building and building.  Jen was holding onto me so tight and close that at times I swear she was walking on my feet and trying to climb on top of me to get to a safe place.

One of the best things about the Haunted Circus is you continually question if you had made a wrong turn and were in the wrong place with no way out.  Many times in this experience I questioned my sanity for willingly placing myself in Strangling Brothers world.

Strangling Brothers Circus 2[2]As we found our way to the final exit and back out into the normal world I had such a huge feeling of relief that is was over and I had survived.  I know that it is very controlled and safe in this haunted house but it is impossible to convince yourself of that while walking through it.

I recommend anyone that is a fan of Halloween experience this haunted circus.  I have not been a person with really any fear of clowns, but that has changed after making it through the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus for the second year in a row!

Connect with Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus:

Strangling Brothers Circus 3[2]Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus has been votes as one of the top 13 haunted houses in the world! Vote for them now to become #1!

How to get there:

Located at 98 East 13800 South in Draper. View their website for complete directions.

Enjoy Utah was provided with two complimentary tickets to experience this attraction and to write the review. We were not compensated for our review, nor were we required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. The opinions and views expressed in this review are all our own.

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