Sunday, October 06, 2013

Arnold Friberg Art Exhibit

100_5119The Prayer at Valley Forge is one of the many paintings Arnold Friberg is most famous for,
and is just one of the many paintings you will see at this limited-time exhibit.

For a limited time at The Gateway, the largest single-artist exhibit in the state of Utah will showcase the works of Arnold Friberg. He is the world-known artist of beloved painting such as The Prayer at Valley ForgeMoses and The Burning Bush, Trouble For Butterfield, Following The Star and many others. He is also known for his work on the major motion picture “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil B. Demille, starring Charlton Heston, where he was the costume designer.

The exhibit can be found at The Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, at 110 So. Rio Grande. It is located on the lower level, just West of the Clark Planetarium. Admission prices can be found on the website, and discount tickets can be picked up at participating KFC restaurants.

“All you leave the world is what you’ve done. No one will ever know the conditions, the comments, the pressures. Only the work remains.” – Arnold Friberg


The Man Behind The Paintbrush

4Utah recently aired an inspiring documentary about the life and paintings of Arnold Friberg called “The Inspired Brush”. It can be watched in its entirety on the 4Utah website. You can also read about Friberg on the Friberg Fine Art website.

The Exhibit

The art exhibit is divided into 12 different sections: The Early Years, The Military, The Illustration Years, The Utah Years, The Hollywood Years, Bible In Art, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The Royal Portraits, The Great American West, Patriotic Works, The Prayers at Valley Forge, and The Inspired Brush.

You can download an app for your smartphone that guides you through each section of the exhibit. Throughout the exhibit are QR codes for you to scan about that specific section of art.

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