Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Eric Dowdle Portrays “WitchFest” at Gardner Village

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World-reknown folk artist Eric Dowdle is popular for his beloved paintings-turned-puzzles, and has been a well-known name in many homes around the world.

For his latest painting-turned-puzzle, Dowdle has chosen a historical Utah site and event to portray. “WitchFest” is a scene that many of you are familiar with if you have visited Gardner Village during Witches Night Out or any other day in October.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Dowdle at Gardner Village during his puzzle signing and the Bloggers’ Night Out last Thursday, October 3rd. He is just as charming in person as his puzzles, and shared with us stories of his travels around the world and where painting has got him to where he is today. He enjoys doing what he loves and traveling the world to share that love with others.

We stayed up all night the other night determined to finish the 500-piece WitchFest puzzle. My 7-year old and 9-year old were also intrigued by this puzzle and helped match the pieces to complete the picture.

You can purchase WitchFest by Eric Dowdle at Gardner Village. You can also check the Gardner Village website for complete WitchFest schedule. I heard that there are still tickets to Witchapalooza, the comedy dinner show that has become a beloved tradition for many Utah “witches”.

If you want to experience a scene like that of the puzzle WitchFest, make sure you come to Witches Night Out, Oct 11-12 (this weekend) and Oct 25-26. (Make sure to come and say hi to me…..I will be the witch spinning the tunes in the top of the tower at the main stage!) Complete details about all of the festivities of WitchFest for this year can be found on the Gardner Village website.

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  1. Thanks for your interest in Eric and his puzzles. This is a great new video he just did about the worth of the individual as a follow up to his popular "No Missing Pieces" http://youtu.be/IgzTRwBKHeY


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