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Mountain West Reef Fest 2013


What exactly is the "Mountain West Reef Fest", anyway?

The Mountain West Reef Fest, or MWRF, is an all - day Saltwater, Marine, and Reefkeeping Conference and Trade Show that takes place s right here in downtown Salt Lake City.

Have you ever heard of MACNA, MAX, or Reef- A - Palooza? Well, this is the same type of Event!

When and Where is the MWRF going to be held?

The MWRF will be on Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 9AM - 5PM at the Red Lion Hotel.

The Red Lion Hotel is located at 161 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

How much does it cost?

Tickets start as low as $10 per person / $30 per family (of 2 adults plus children).

What do I get for my ticket price?

- General Admission tickets are $10 and get you into the show with full access to the Guest Speaker presentations, Workshops, Vendor Exhibits & Livestock Sales, Raffles, etc  

- VIP Package Tickets are $15 and get you all of the above, plus early access to the Vendor Exhibits & Livestock Sales (so you can snag the most primo fish , corals, etc before the rest of the crowd) as well as 10 free Raffle Tickets

Tell me more about the Guest Speakers?

- MWRF 2013 is proud to feature a total of 3 AWESOME Guest Speakers:


Scott Michael     

Scott W. Michael is an internationally-recognized writer, underwater photographer, and marine biology researcher specializing in reef fishes, and was the Banquet Speaker at our 2007 and 2008 Coral Conference and Frag Swap. He is a regular contributor to Aquarium Fish Magazine, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine, Sea Scope, and is the author of Reef Fishes, Vol 1 - 5, A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes, 101 Best Saltwater Fishes: How to Choose and Keep Hardy, Brilliant, Fascinating Species That Will Thrive in Your Home Aquarium, Reef Sharks & Rays of the World, and Aquarium Sharks & Rays. Having studied marine biology at the University of Nebraska, Scott has served as a scientific consultant for National Geographic Explorer, the Discovery Channel, and French educational television


Kevin Kohen  

Kevin Kohen is the Managing Director of Dr. Fosters & Smith’s and Diver’s Den. Kevin directed the construction of the DF&S Coral & Marine Life Facility in 2005. In 2007, he added the Diver’s Den quarantine system for rare and unusual fish, corals and inverts from around the world. Kevin has successfully spawned several pairs of the rare McColloch’s Clownfish at the Live Aquaria facility – just the second person in the entire world ever to successfully breed these fish!


Adam Blundell 

Adam Blundell M.S. works in Marine Ecology, and in Pathology for the University of Utah. He is also Director of The Aquatic & Terrestrial Research Team, a group which utilizes research projects to bring together hobbyists and scientists. His vision is to see this type of collaboration lead to further advancements in aquarium husbandry. While not in the lab he is the former president of one of the Nation's largest hobbyist clubs, the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society. Adam has published articles in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Freshwater & Marine Aquariums, among many others.

What Fish & Coral Vendors are going to be there? Are they all just the same local stores that I can shop at every day?
You can't shop all these guys every day - not unless you have your own private jet!
That's because MWRF 2013 will feature a dozen livestock dealers from all over the Western US!
Here is a little bit about each of the CONFIRMED COral & Fish Vendors who will be at the show -
The Coral Shop is located in Aurora, Colorado and features some of the finest Acans, Chalices, Favias, Fungias and Euphyllias in the entire country - along with many other LPS corals. When you shop at The Coral Shop booth at the MWRF, we can guarantee one thing - you will leave HAPPY!
Your Reef Supply is located in Roseville, California (just east of Sacramento) and they will be bringing a wide variety of awesome Tyree SPS corals, as well as beautiful Maxima and Squamosa Clams, Montiporas, Milleporas, Brains and Zoas. Come make something from Your Reef a part of YOUR reef!
Aquatic Dreams is located in Clearfield, Utah and they are northern Utah's high end fish & coral specialist! Famous for their outrageous $25 coral frag tank, and their love of rare and hard to find fish, Ryan and the crew at AD will be bringing in some sweet surprises just for the show!
Mind Blowing Corals is located in Broomfield, Colorado and they feature a whole host of exotic corals; things like the "Pink Barbie Millie", "Electric Tips Montipora", the "Pink & Yellow Hippo Favia", and much more. Be sure and check out their booth for more 'mind -blowing' stuff!
Gonzo Corals is back for MWRF 2013 by popular demand! One of the busiest booths in 2011, Gonzo Corals is located in Denver, Colorado and always brings a truckload of awesome stuff! Their specialties include some crazy LPS corals and palythoas, and the amazing 'sunburst' anemone... once you go "Gonzo" you will be back for more, more, more!
The Aquarium is located in Sandy, Utah and has a well-deserved reputation as one of the nicest stores in the Intermountain West! Owner Brad Daniels and his staff will be at the show with a terrific booth display featuring a plethora of coral frags and colonies of all sizes and price ranges. Maybe they will even bring some of those awesome giant clams that wowed them at the last MWRF!
Reef Kingdom, located in Ogden, Utah is a 'fan favorite' at the MWRF with their impressive selection of reasonably priced corals and frags. They will hit the show with their impressive selection of acans, chalice frags, zoas, palys, favias, and blastos - all beautifully colored and attractively priced!
Reef Koi Corals comes to us from Denver, Colorado and is another MWRF veteran. Reef Koi is famous for their unbelievable Wellsos, Trachys, Fungias, and Favias - but they carry an impressive variety of high end SPS as well. Look for their booth filled with some truly crazy corals; but you better get there early because their one-of-a-kind corals always go quick!
2 words: Jared. Butler. Do we really need to say anything else?
Rocky Mountain Frags is located in Holladay, Utah and Jared's corals are the stuff of legend. While the rest of the country has to come to him, you can come meet the legend himself in your own backyard, here at the Mountain West Reef Fest - and maybe you can take home something AMAZING!
Welcome to Zoa Heaven! is located in Orem, Utah and is THE place for all the hottest zoas, palys, mushrooms, goniopora, alveopora... and MORE! Come check out their giant frag tank display, filled with some of the unique soft coral beauties only found at!
At the MWRF, you get to shop top - quality fish and corals from dealers flying in from California to Colorado... and everywhere in between!
And no 'overnight shipping' fees, no internet payment issues, you get to actually SEE what you are buying in person, talk to the owners, bring home your new livestock IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting a couple of days for delivery; no acclimation issues or too hot days or too cold days, or packages left out on your front porch, etc. And no burning a tankful of gas driving up and down the valley trying to hit all your favorite local guys - because everything's in one place, where you can relax, shop, and compare - all on your terms!

So - you've got some great Guest Speakers and cool Fish, Coral & Livestock Vendors coming... what else is there to do at the MWRF?

I'm glad you asked... how about the hourly Seminars & Workshops?

Reef Aquarium Photography Seminar - Mike Savage Photography


If you've been around this hobby for any length of time at all, you know the name Mike Savage. Mike has been the 'go to' guy for the finest in Aquarium Photography in the Intermountain West for years. The Mountain West Reef Fest is pleased to be able to present a very special and intimate learning experience, as Mike will share his vast knowledge of Marine Photography with our Reef Fest audience. This will be a 'hands on' Seminar, so bring your cameras and your questions - as Mike will be available to give individual advice and tips immediately following the Seminar - learn from The Master himself!

Feed Your Reef Workshop - 'Iron Chef' Bacot Dinchak


Fresh off her inspired battle in the 'Iron Chef' forum, professional Chef (SCI trained) Bacot Dinchak has put together a Workshop especially for the Mountain West Reef Fest. Aside from being an accomplished Chef, Bacot is also an accomplished Reefkeeper, and a lover of all things aquatic in nature. Her "Feed Your Reef" Workshop will let you see how it is possible to create nutritious - and economical - marine fish & coral foods that your entire Reef will go nuts for!

'The Last Laugh' with Mark Peterson


OK, I'll be honest here... we really don't know what Mark has planned for us at the Reef Fest. He is keeping it all to himself; "a great surprise" he says (don't worry, we'll have a taser handy, just in case)... but if you are familiar with the West Coast Reefkeeping scene, then you kind of expect that from Mark. Owner of and original Founding Member of the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society, Mark Peterson is sure to delight with his combination of DIY savvy, natural and economical reefkeeping methods, and that famous wit and wisdom. So come join Mark for a great Workshop experience - and maybe YOU will have 'the last laugh"!

- And stayed tuned  RIGHT HERE for MORE Seminars and Workshops to be added to the MWRF schedule -

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