Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RECAP: Haunted House Reviews 2013


Now that we’ve checked out all the haunted houses we have schedule to review for this Halloween season, we bring you a summary of the haunted houses we reviewed and the best groups they are targeted for.

A quick note on age recommendations:
Of course, you know your children and group best, so use your own judgment when attending these haunted houses. If your children are accustomed to watching rated R horror flicks, then they will be better suited to attend some of the scarier haunted houses at an earlier age. Please use your best judgment and what is best for your own children.


munchkin radioMunchkin Radio Haunted House
This haunted house is perfect for families of all ages. Not too scary, but scary enough to be fun. You won’t find any scary creatures jumping out from around corners in this haunted house.

Our age recommendation: 3 years and older
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haunted villageThe Haunted Village at This Is The Place
Chad called this “a great haunted house for a child who has interest in getting really scared and wants to go to a haunted house. The Haunted Village has found the perfect way to be family-friendly without sacrificing any of the scare.” Because it’s outside most of the time, you can go at your own pace and not feel rushed through a crowded building. This is a great first haunted house for pre-teens and young teenagers, but scary enough for adults to enjoy.

Our age recommendation: 10 years and older
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ScaredHaunt[3]Scared Haunt For Charity
Because the admission fee to this haunted house is a donation to local charities, such as canned food for the Utah Food Bank, this is perfect haunted house for large groups or families that might not be able to afford admission to other haunted houses. It’s also great for those wanting to help out a good cause, and enjoy a good, classic haunted house. Don’t be deceived that it’s held in a resident’s yard; the people behind Scared Haunt have been in the haunted house business for a long time, and know what they are doing!

Our age recommendation: 12 years and older
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Nightmare on 13th 1[4]Nightmare On 13th
This haunted house is perfect for those that want a good, classic haunted house. It’s held inside a large building, so not a great option for those with claustrophobia. This is a popular haunted house for the teenage crowd, and has been ranked in the top ten haunted houses in America. They have also been on The Travel Channel twice. Chad called it one of his favorite places to go to for many years, and “it would not seem like Halloween without it. Nightmare on 13th is starting to feel like such a large tradition in my life that having Halloween without it would be like Thanksgiving without turkey, Christmas without presents, or 4thof July without fireworks.”

Our age recommendation: 14 years and older
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fear factory[5]Fear Factory
This was Jen’s favorite haunted house for 2013. If facing your fears, such as the fear of heights, is terrifying to you, then this haunted house is exactly what you need to get your heart racing this Halloween season. It’s also great for somebody who wants to walk through a building that is actually haunted and has had many groups do paranormal investigations here.

Our age recommendation: 16 years and older
Fear Factory’s note on age: There is no age limit, although discretion is advised for children under the age of 12, this haunt is real and may not be suitable for younger ages.
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Strangling Brothers[6]Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus
This was Chad’s favorite haunted house for the second year in a row. If confusion of where you are and where you are going is terrifying, this is the haunted house for you. Located outside, but periodically leads you through trailers to walk through. Strangling Brothers was just named 7th scariest haunt in the world!

Our age recommendation: 16 years and older
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