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REVIEW: Fear Factory 2013

fear factoryChad and Jen were excited to check out Fear Factory again this year.
Read their review below.

By, Chad Gines

Last Saturday we went to Fear Factory. This is a very fun place to have a haunted house. I am not sure how old the factory is but I have read the back story and know that people have died inside and many paranormal investigations have came up with evidence of actual hauntings going on in this spooky old place.

This is my second year in a row going to this place. I found out about the zombie bus they have and decided to take advantage of it. It was very convenient to park at the Gateway Mall then get shuttled to the Fear Factory. Last year I made the mistake of parking illegally near the Fear Factory and got a parking ticket. The zombie bus was very entertaining with the in costume driver and great props turning this bus into a true zombie bus.

Once we made it to the Fear Factory we started walking up to the ticket line and could hear many horrifying screams and other evil sounds coming out of this place that we were about to enter. I started getting butterflies in my stomach from the excitement of knowing I was about to spend the next little while getting scared beyond belief. The haunt starts outside and winds you through an area that I would describe as “a farm from hell”. It is exactly the perfect way to start this haunted house and prepare you for what you will experience inside.

When you get into the building, they wind you through many different levels from the basement to the top of a tower. Each area has its own unique way of getting inside your head and terrorizing you to the point you start jumping from things that aren’t even supposed to scare you.

One point when we were near the top of the tower I looked down through the metal floor and almost had a panic attack from my fear of heights. I usually can control that fear but with the sensory overload I was getting it overtook me and put me into an uncontrollable cold sweat. The guy in front of me even made a comment about this being a bad place for anyone with a fear of heights at that same time. One of the stories I have heard about the Fear Factory was a man fell to his death. The uneasy feeling I got made me wonder was it possibly the spirit of that man or another spirit messing with me and joining in on all the Halloween fun from beyond the grave.

IMG_0897We continued through the Fear Factory and they kept the spooks coming the entire time without any moments of let down.

When we finally reached the exit we each took a moment to sigh in relief that we were safe and could look back and laugh at how scared we each had been while inside. We went to the booth to check out the pictures they had taken of us. After seeing our pictures and getting two Fear Factory shot glasses we headed back to catch the zombie bus back to the Gateway Mall.

I had a blast at Fear Factory this year and was very happy that I could take the zombie bus from the Gateway Mall instead of dealing with parking in a part of town that I am not very familiar with. Jen said this was her favorite haunted house out of all the ones we have been to this year. The many changes from last year have kept it as one of the best haunts in the state in my opinion.

Enjoy Utah was provided with two complimentary tickets to attend and review Fear Factory. We were not compensated financially for our review, nor were we required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. The opinions and views expressed in this review are all our own.

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