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Chex Mix Party Mix–15 Minute Recipes For Holiday Parties


Last weekend I attended the Chex Party Mix-Change, and learned three different 15 minute Chex Party Mix recipes for the upcoming holidays.

As a kid, Chex Party Mix was a huge treat in our house, and I forgot how easy it was to put together!  We regularly eat Chex cereal for breakfast, and after attending the event and being reminded how fast and easy it is to put together, we will be making it more often!

View all of the Chex Mix recipes on the Chex Mix Recipes website (including 50 gluten-free recipes).

Chex Mix Recipes – Holiday Style!

2013-11-23 10.46.48My kids were also excited to help create the Chex Party Mix, and loved the three different recipes we tried. At the event, we got to create:

I liked the Mexican Hot Chocolate Chex Party Mix, my hubby liked the Chex Pumpkin Pie Crunch, and my kiddos liked the Sugar Cookie Chex Party Mix the best. I had no idea that you could create so many different varieties for the holidays! I grew up on the Regular Chex Party Mix, and thought that was even fabulous!

Chex Mix as Gifts

cu_131123_0926323One thing that I didn’t think of, but learned at the event I attended, was that Chex Mix is a great idea for easy and simple gifts! Make a different variety of Chex Mixes and package them up for easy and simple neighbor, teacher or co-worker gifts. Because it’s so easy to make, and only takes 15 minutes to create an entire batch, it’s something the family can do together in one evening. Forget spending hours making hard-to-make chocolates and candies…..Chex Party Mix is the way to go!

From work potluck lunches and holiday cocktail parties, to gifts for neighbors, friends and colleagues, there are endless occasions during the holidays where tasty treats come in handy. Chex Party Mix recipes offer the perfect quick, easy and delicious snack.

Chex Mix at Parties


“Holiday season – also known as entertaining season – always leaves us looking for delicious, new recipes to wow guests,” said Amber Holm, Marketing Director for Chex. “With creative takes on traditional dishes, Chex Party Mix will help you surprise your guests with familiar flavors and aromas, served up in playful ways that’s sure to impress. The best part is that it only takes a matter of minutes to make.”

Having a few different varieties of Chex Party Mixes out will be a great addition to your holiday or upcoming party of any kind. Put them in large bowls, and provide scoops and little bowls or boxes for your guests to serve themselves, or put them together in pretty packages ahead of time.

“No one can replace grandma’s classic pie recipe, but you can have a little fun to surprise your family and friends,” said Holm. “Imagine the wonderful, familiar aroma of pumpkin pie greeting your guests as they arrive for a holiday cocktail party, only it’s a 15-minute snack you can crunch!”

Fun at the Chex Party Mix-Change with Other Local Bloggers:


At the event, it was fun getting to know other bloggers and learn about the different ways we can use Chex Party Mix this holiday and party season. My daughter attended with me, and had a blast playing in the giant bowl of Chex cereal!

I am always amazed at the creativity of other bloggers, and always feel one step behind in that department! Creating pretty packages is definitely not one of my strong suits, but the Chex Party Mix team had a table full of packing and decorating ideas for giving Chex Party Mix as a gift.

They had a large area set up at one end of Fashion Place Mall where people could come and sample Chex Party Mix, as well as see how to create it. Their setup was one that, after catching a glimpse of it, you wanted to go check it out and see what it was all about.


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