Wednesday, November 20, 2013

REVIEW: Café Zupas Catering


I recently attended a lunch that was catered by Café Zupas, and was highly impressed. It doesn’t take much to convince me how yummy Café Zupas’ food is!

My first experience at Café Zupas was last July at the opening of their West Valley City store. After eating there just once, I wondered why it had taken me so long to eat there. I have been back many times since then, and it has quickly become one of my family’s favorite restaurants to eat at.

The first thing I noticed about Café Zupas catering was the variety of food they were able to bring.

Highlights of catering with Café Zupas:

  • Rewards Program:
    For every time you cater with Café Zupas, you get points that are accumulated throughout the year. At the end of the year you receive a Visa gift card as well as other perks that you can use throughout the next year, such as free drinks. The best part about the VIP Rewards Program is that it is accumulated per person, and not per business. For example, if you submit a catering order for your company, and then also order catering for your home party, you will receive both of the rewards. You can also order from any Café Zupas for catering, and the points all count towards one universal card.
  • Wide Variety of food:
    They have soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts, and of course the signature Café Zupas treat: the chocolate covered strawberries. You order party style or box lunches. Their soups are made from scratch in high quality kettles, and their strawberries are always high quality. Café Zupas has first pick from their strawberry vendors, providing only the best and freshest quality of strawberries with each order.
  • Each store has its own catering coordinator
    The catering coordinator at each store gets to know each of their catering clients by name, and keeps a record of their past orders on file. All you need to know when calling is the approximate number of people you need to serve, and any preferences you might have.
  • On-time, professional delivery people
    Each delivery person arrives on time and appropriately dressed for any business, and will not stand out as a “delivery person”. They are well-dressed and clean, appropriate for any business atmosphere.

To order catering from Café Zupas, visit their website or call the location you would like to order from.

VIP reward levels

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  1. I will visit Café Zupas Catering yesterday I went New Orleans bar with my friends we enjoyed a lot.


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