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The Clicker: An Experiment in The Power of Positive Thinking

the clicker

The Clicker is an experiment by singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks to test the power in positive thinking.

The story behind The Clicker:

Hilary Weeks heard an alarming statistic that the average person thinks over 300 negative thoughts a day. To test this and see if it was accurate, she purchased a clicker and started clicking every time she thought a negative thought. After seven days of concentrating on her negative thoughts, she was feeling down and depressed, so she decided to change it around and and starting counting her positive thoughts instead.

The results were astonishing. She found that she was happier and had more confidence than ever before. Read more about her story and the results of her experiment.

My story of using The Clicker in my family:

When I was offered the chance to receive The Clicker and test the power of positive thinking, I had to jump at the chance. Not only did I want to test this out on myself, but on my kids. They are ten and eight years old, and still at a young and impressionable age. Teaching them to think positively now can affect the rest of their lives!

When I sat down with my kids and read the book about the story of The Clicker that came with it, they were excited to get started. Not surprisingly, they turned it into a contest between the two of them to see who could think the most positive thoughts in a day.

It was amazing to see the difference in their attitude towards things, and how they were able to change an otherwise negative solution into a positive one. One of the days they were using The Clicker, we were at a popular and very crowded Halloween festival. The food lines were long, and we were all very hungry. We waited in line, only to see a lady with small children walk right in front of us and order her food. Then, after we ordered our food, people that were in line behind us were receiving their food before we received our very simple order of two hot dogs. When we finally sat down and ate our food after 45 minutes of waiting, my daughter made the comment how hard it was to be able to click in that 45 minute period. We had a discussion of how we could turn it into a positive and record more clicks by thinking positive thoughts, and the types of positive thoughts we could have had.

How will positive thinking change you?!

This is such a great experiment for you to try in your own life and your own families! It comes packaged in a cute box, and in different colors to choose from. There is also a wrist coil that you can attach to The Clicker and wear easily throughout your day.

Register online at, and record your number of clicks to join in a worldwide count of positive thinking!

It’s also fun to have people ask what it’s about, and to share the experiment with others. It makes a great gift for anybody of all ages, even kids!

Yesterday I saw The Clicker for sale at Deseret Book. You can also purchase it online. Group pricing is also available so that you can participate in this experiment with a group of people.

Discount Code:

Enter coupon code MICHELLE223 when ordering the clicker from  ($11.95 + shipping).  For each Clicker Kit ordered using the code, you will receive a free clicker, wristband and sticker ($4.99 reg.). Coupon code is good between Nov 1st and Nov 30th, 2013.

I was provided with one free Clicker to try out and write my review. I was not compensated financially, nor was I required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. All of the views and opinions expressed in this review are all my own.

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