Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back At 2013

This last year has definitely been a year of discovery! We experienced so many new things in 2013, and loved sharing them with you!

Here are a few of the highlights from 2013:

pony express runNew accomplishment:
Pony Express Fun Run at Camp Floyd

When we heard about the Pony Express 5K Fun Run at Camp Floyd, we knew we had to sign up and participate with our kids! We have never experienced any kind of 5k or fun run before, and this seemed like the perfect one to try. The main thing that caught my attention with this run was the educational value of it. Along the trail, the organizers placed historical markers signifying the route the pony express riders took from Camp Floyd to St Joseph, Missouri, and some of the landmarks and challenges they faced. We were given a satchel to carry the “mail”, and once we delivered it, we were given another letter to keep. The pony express riders exchanged horses every 10 miles along their route, and it was fun to have a stopping point to do just that. My kids were so excited that they finished a 5k, and are still bragging to their friends! Read our full review.

NOTE: The 2014 Quest Of The Pony Express Fun Run will be held on Saturday April 5th from 10am to 11:30am. View complete details on the Camp Floyd website.

painting with a twistNew hobby:
Painting With A Twist

Early 2013, we were introduced to Painting With A Twist in Murray. Painting is not one of my strong points, so I was not quite sure if this would be something I could do. I invited a few friends to attend with me, and we had the time of our lives! This has quickly become one of my favorite new hobbies, and I have been back many times throughout 2013. Painting With A Twist isn’t just for those with artistic abilities; it’s for anybody and everybody to just go, let loose, and have a great time! This is a great night for a girls’ night out or a date night, but they also have family days that I took my children to, and they loved it! Read our full review, as well as our review on family days.

NOTE: View the schedule of upcoming classes on the Painting With A Twist Murray website.

Young-Frankenstein_thumb14New Discovery:
The Empress Theatre

One of our favorite things from 2013 was attending performances at The Empress Theatre in Magna. We attended their Christmas show last December, and were invited back to attend and review more performances. Introducing our kids to more theater was definitely a highlight of our year, and we look forward to many more performances at The Empress! Read all of our reviews of The Empress on our Reviews page.

NOTE: View the current production schedule on The Empress website. 

brick canvas
New Motivation
Brick Canvas at Thanksgiving Point

This year we were introduced to Brick Canvas, a new facility at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. What impressed me the most about this facility is that everything here helps you feel better about yourself and motivates you to get healthy and feel beautiful. Not only is beauty on the outside, but on the inside also, and affects the way you feel about yourself. Start out by getting a new hairstyle and manicure/pedicure, then choose between two different workout styles. After your workout, relax your muscles with a heavenly massage. On your way out, grab lunch or a snack in the cafĂ©, which has food that doesn’t ruin your workout! Read my full review.

New Inspirational Discoveries:

The Christmas Box Angel Candlelight Vigil, The Clicker and Ability Found

We discovered so many inspiring events this last year.

I have always wanted to attend the Christmas Box Angel Candlelight Vigil, held every year on December 6th, but have never had the chance. Guest poster Shari Elliott attended this year, and lit a candle for her own son that was unexpectedly taken from her this last year. Read her full review. Her write-up was so beautiful and inspiring, and helped others that have also lost children. The author of The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans, was there, and posted on his Facebook page about meeting those that attended. He said that you never know what somebody else is going through, so make sure to treat everybody you meet with kindness.

This year I was introduced to The Clicker, and the power of positive thinking. If you focus on the positive things going on around you, it makes a significant difference in your life! Read my full review.

One of our most popular posts this year was the story behind the wheelchair statue located at the Salt Lake City Cemetery. When researching the person buried here and the story behind this beautiful and touching monument, we discovered Ability Found, a foundation that provides wheelchairs and other equipment to those that need those items to help them live better lives. Inspired by the life of their son Matthew Stanford Robison, Ernest and Anneke Robison founded Ability Found in 1993. Their mission is to bring people, assistive equipment and expertise together to empower all individuals who are disabled. Read the full story behind this touching monument and foundation.

We have had the pleasure to review and experience so many cool things, that we just couldn’t list them all! You can read all of our reviews on our Reviewed By Us page.

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