Monday, January 06, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Rob Diamond, Local Utah Filmmaker

Utah is a melting pot for local talent, and the film industry is no exception. I was honored to be able to meet and visit with Rob Diamond, a local filmmaker and owner of Rob Diamond Films, that has been writing, directing and producing independent feature films since 1998.

His recent film, “Saint Street”, was released worldwide on DVD, and won “Best Director” and “Best Actor” at The Filmed in Utah Awards.

“I’m very humbled and grateful for the recognition and support of the film community here in Utah,” Diamond said. “Both of my films ‘Saint Street’ and ‘Elizabeth’s Gift’ went on to have numerous showings across the country on Daystar Television Network, which was a dream come true for me. So many talented and hard working people helped make those two films come to life. I tip my hat to each one of you.”

Diamond was raised in southern California, where he began modeling and acting at the age of 17 for various companies such as Coca-Cola, Levis 501 Blues, Minute Maid, and even a film with Mickey Rooney. 

He currently owns and operates Rob Diamond Talent in Salt Lake City, and continues to write, produce, direct and star in many family-friendly movies.

What sets Rob Diamond apart from the many other filmmakers out there is that he adheres to a strict moral guideline. If he feels a film does not have a high value of morals, he will not participate in it, and he counsels the actors/actresses that he trains when they get various offers for films and if the part is right for them.

wayward the prodigal son

Diamond’s next film to be released is called “Wayward: The Prodigal Son”, and is hoping to have a May theatrical release. It’s a modern day version of the classic biblical story of the Prodigal Son, where one son goes wayward and has to experience many different challenges along the way, and the love of a father that never dies.

Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates and new information regarding this film.

“To date, this was one of my most rewarding filmmaking experiences because the story is so connected to my personal life and who I have become,” said Diamond. “From script to completed movie, the entire process has been memorable to say the least. I truly enjoyed working side by side with some very gifted actors and crew members.”

Diamond said that everybody can relate to this movie, because we all have somebody in our lives, whether it be us or a loved one, that has gone astray and needs that extra love.

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