Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Great Inflatable Race: DISCOUNT CODES!


We ran our first Fun Run as a family last year, and are excited to run even more in 2014! One of the Runs that caught our eye that we will be attending is The Great Inflatable Race on Saturday, May 31st at Murray Park.

1469827_532998476790749_1463576743_nThis race is a 5K race filled with approximately 10 giant inflatable obstacles and a 100 foot Jell-o slip n slide at the end of the race. Costumes are highly encouraged!

This race is especially great for families of all ages because the last heat of the day is reserved for families of children ages 5-12 years old. (Children under 5 years of age are not recommended; instead, purchase them a Bounce House Pass so they can have fun too!)

Besides the race, they will have bouncy houses available to anybody that purchases a Bounce House Pass. You do not need to be a participant in the race to enjoy the Bounce House. Those willing to just watch the race do not need to purchase a ticket and are free to attend.

Sign up and join us for The Great Inflatable Race of 2014! You can find complete details and register for the race on The Great Inflatable Race website.



The Great Inflatable Race has been generous enough to offer Enjoy Utah readers a few discount codes. Register early for better discounts!

ENJOYUTAH – $10 off code, valid only through January 17, 2014
BLOGGER - $5 OFF code valid through May 31, 2014

527464_274033056020627_766385831_nConnect with The Great Inflatable Race:

Make sure to connect with The Great Inflatable Race on social media so that you can post your pictures of all the fun you are having on race day for friends and family to see what they are missing out on! Make sure to also follow Enjoy Utah on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how much fun we are having the day of!

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