Thursday, February 20, 2014

REVIEW: Salt City Float Spa

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By Shari Elliott

We walked in the door and was greeted with a warm humidity that was so welcoming after being outside, the lighting was calm and the overall ambiance was relaxing. One of the owners was there ready to get our experience started for us.

We were taken to a room to watch a quick video that explains what the float will do, and normal do's and don'ts once you are in there. We were then taken to our own personal pod rooms, the isopods looked like something from a sci-fi movie!

1044018_348896125238263_1561565313_nThe rooms had their own personal showers, hand towels, Vaseline to cover any minor skin issues like cuts or scrapes, and ear plugs to put in so that the salt does not bother the insides of the ears. He showed us where the lights and music controls are and there is a squirt bottle hanging with fresh water in case of a mishap with salt in the eyes. We had the option of having the music on the entire time or having it on at first for 10 minutes and then on again the last 5. I had mine on the entire time and my husband did the other.

I was now left alone. Me and the pod. I got undressed (you can go in your birthday suit or you can bring a bathing suit, but keep in mind, the purpose of this is to not have anything touching or "constricting" your skin, and not to mention that the salt can be very corrosive to the material). I got in the shower to do my pre-float rinse and headed to the pod. I stepped in and the water was warm and silky, I closed my pod door and laid back. I turned the light out, but that only lasted about 3 seconds. The music was low and the lights were lightly illuminating the inside of the pod. I kept drifting with my thoughts and had a bit of a hard time letting the control of my body go so that I can fully relax. I kept trying to hold my head up and that gave me a bit of a headache. 

My husband said that he had it dark the whole time and had no issues letting go and fully relaxing. He loved the experience and cannot wait to go again. 

When the float was over, I was really relaxed and very sleepy. The video we watched explained that the first couple of times you may come out sleepy, but as your body gets used to floating you should start feeling energized. 

I am a therapist and can fully see a use for this in connection with therapy sessions! I can see the benefit of PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, and control, along with the benefits of someone who has an injury. We ended up buying 4 more floats, which gave us lifetime membership and reduces our float cost per visit.

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